24 Hour Writing Marathon Update 4 of 6

I’m starting to wind down, to be honest… I broke 12,500 words with a 24 hour goal of 18,000. If I can keep up the pace I’m on I could get to 24,000 words tonight, but I think I need to work on hitting my 18,000 word goal in as long as it takes and then building on it for the next time. And there will be a next time. Shelly gave me a great idea, too: have each Wednesday, when I traditionally have nothing special planned on that day or around it, and call it something fancy like #5kWedWrite. I like that. So, next week I will have a goal of at least 5,000 words. Now, back to our regularly scheduled insanity:

6:00 pm… 558 words on JandJ Fitness part five and I’m in the home stretch. 

7:00 pm… break for dinner. Shelly is an excellent cook, so I’m not about to skip a fine meal. Still managed 759 words and the completion of JandJ Fitness Part 5.

8:00 pm… Finished the horror erotica #3 story with a nice hour of 1,885 words. Another completed story to add to the pile. Broke 15k as well. Definitely going to try for 18,000 and be done with it. My brain is turning into mush. 

9:00 pm… the erotica #5 story now has 604 more words added to it, while “Evil” grows by another 562 words. At 16,889 words. Definitely hitting 18,000 and then giving up for the day. But I consider it quite a victory. 


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