Spreading Out Your Blog Posts

I get a ton of e-mail, as I’m sure a lot of you do. I usually wake up to anywhere from 200 – 450 new e-mails a day in my main account, and spend the first hour of my day running through it and answering the important stuff and deleting all the garbage. I subscribe to about 200 different WordPress blogs… I am addicted, and I’m like a child. I need to not miss anything.

The one thing, however, that irks me is when I find a new blog I like or they have an interesting post and I start following them because of promise. Last night, for instance, I found a great blog post by another horror writer. I have never read her work or even knew her name. She posted about her work in progress and I enjoy reading the process of other authors as they write and hope to learn something new from them. 

This morning I wake and start going through my pile and I see a post from her, reviewing the World War Z movie. It isn’t a long post, only about 150 words. I read it because I saw the movie and I felt a certain trust with her blog after last night. She gushed for a line how she loved it and then likened the zombies in the movie to her zombies she’s writing in her unfinished book, going into detail about her main character (who is a zombie). End of review. 

Then I notice there are 22 new posts from her this morning… twenty-two! What are they all about? Pretty much about her zombie story no one has yet to read and she hasn’t completed it, but yet… she talks about Jonathan Maberry and his excellent books and how his zombies were cool but HER zombies were cool, too. Same with Brian Keene. These posts came 6 and 7 minutes before her movie review one. And it runs that pattern, all posts within 60 minutes… that’s about a post every 3 minutes. 15 of them were just reblogs of stuff she liked but none of it about writing or zombies. It seemed very random, like she was reblogging anything her friends put up or she saw. 

So, me being me… I dug deeper and found out she hadn’t posted in 8 days. But her last time she posted she had 13 entries, all at 4 am EST and all within 45 minutes.  5 days before that she did a sweep of 16 entries in about an hour and all at 2 am EST. She lives in the Northeast, so she is posting before bed I assume. 

Now, I’m all for content. I like blogs that post interesting and original things each day or every few days, but are consistent. I want to read about their work and what they like and don’t like. I want to get to know them as I read. But it has to make sense. I know next time she binge posts I’m going to simply delete all of them. Who has time to read 16 posts, most of them not having anything to do with one another? 

I have my own ideas for what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to posting new blogs. I don’t post as often as I would like or I should, but I try to be consistent with the ones I write or reblog. I would think anyone reading my blog has come to expect a certain level from me and is reading because I am doing something right, something they would be interested in reading. Not about random things. And they don’t want to hunt for it in the middle of the night, either. 

What’s your take?



21 thoughts on “Spreading Out Your Blog Posts

  1. Sounds as if someone is just flooding the place with trivial crap that has nothing to do with her as a person but more as a marketing exercise to get her ‘name’ out there. It’s like cold calling, eventually you’ll find a sucker.

    It’s ok to promote yourself, but promote YOURSELF. People like people, not the shit they’re trying to sell.


  2. I think it’s important to keep your blog current. You shouldn’t (if you can avoid it) go more than 3 or 4 days without posting something…although I don’t always meet this criteria.
    I also agree with you – don’t go 8 days without posting and then throw up 15 posts in an hour.
    I’m happy if I post 2 entries per week…3 would be better, but I admit I sometimes have trouble coming up with content I feel is worth posting – which brings me to another point…I don’t think you should post something simply for the sake of posting something.
    In my mind that girl could have probably combined many of those posts into one good one – rather than cluster-bombing her readers.


  3. I have to be realistic and unfollow those that produce quantity over quality. I am unable to handle vast numbers of junk hitting my e-mail box.


  4. Really enjoyed reading your thoughts on this. As a new blogger I’ve often wondered about how often to post. I started with the aim of 1 a week, which I’ve kept up, & I’ve sometimes done 2. I may do 3 this week, as I’m chronicling my holiday & have split it up so it’s not 1 massively long post. But 16 posts all at once?! That’s mad! As Tim commented, do 1 good one, or several good ones & spread them out!


    • I had a goal about a year ago to post something every day, but then it felt forced… like Tim Baker said, 2-3 posts a week is plenty if it engages the reader. And trying not to go too many days between helps, which I sometimes struggle to do.



  5. It’s only 2 or 3 posts a week for me. You have to live life a little, too. I see one young guy do a movie review almost every day – i think, “Damn, doesn’t this kid do anything else besides watch and write about movies?”


  6. This was an interesting read! I just started trying to blog more often, and I’ve been struggling through how tight a focus to keep on what content I put up. I mostly do daily things about life in Japan or my experiences here, but I also want to do posts on my writing. Seems best just to make a second blog and keep the focus narrowed. Posting so much at once, though… seems the time when they should just put them on a schedule to post a day at a time.


  7. Good post, Armand, and very good point made. As for me, so far, I struggle on the other side. I want to post more, but it just seems I can’t come up with enough interesting stuff to make it worthwhile. Anyway, love your blog … keep up the great work.


  8. I completely agree with you. My only problem right now is that, while I’m running my Free promotional days, I’m trying to get the word out as much as possible about my book being gratis, so I end up posting my promo on Twitter multiple times (from the same WordPress blogposting) in order to try and get as much exposure as possible, even to non-Followers. There must be a better way to go about this, but I don’t know what that is yet.


  9. to mrj6, I feel your pain. I still don’t know what works and what doesn’t it. I have blogged once a week for years, except for during the A-Z Challenge, and that’s all I want to do. I’m not a blogger. I’m a writer. The blog is there to allow me to promote myself, so people can get to know me. Anyway, I’m trying to increase my exposure. To Armand: rock on brother! I’m happy with once a week from fave bloggers.


  10. I can’t wait to meet you up close and personal Tuesday night at Inspired Mic. That said, I separate my blogs. I have mypalmcoastnow, which is just things going on around town. I also have HeidiTassone, which is about writing, unfortunately I haven’t used it or blogged there in a long time.


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