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Guest Post: Kirk Allmond



Kirk Allmond Is a Jerk


Do you know those store cards?  The ones that fill up most people’s keychains?  My father has a special one just for them.  Gas cards, grocery store cards, drug store cards, everyone has a card now.  Hell, even Lowes has one now.  I hate them.  I hate everything about them, from the tracking of purchases to the supposed ‘discount’ you get for using them.

About a year ago, I gave them all up.  Instead of paying the artificially inflated “non-cardholder” price, when they ask me for my member card, I say, “Oh geez, I forgot mine.  May I use the store card?”  Every time, the cashier seems grumpy, and says, “Okay.”

Which is fine.  I’m really not there to brighten their day, I’m there to pay for some groceries and go home.  So, yesterday, I’m at Weis Markets.  It’s a Pennsylvania grocery chain, I’m not surprised you haven’t heard of them, they’re terrible.

I really try very hard not to shop at Weis, for one reason.  The cashiers aren’t given a store card, they aren’t allowed to use their own, and they aren’t allowed to memorize a bunch of numbers to type one in.  They have to turn on their flashy light and wait for the manager to come over and use theirs.  It’s a ploy to make it as difficult as possible, forcing people to get their own card.

Instead, I politely explain to the person behind me that they’re being held up by Weis’s policy.  Most of the time that person just lets me use their card, but on this particular day, young Colton was checking me out and there wasn’t anyone behind me.  I said, very politely, “May I use the store card, please.”

The pimply faced, mop haired twit replied in the most sarcastic tone ever, “I don’t have a card,” and twisted his face in disdain, as if my asking had ruined his day.

I lowered my voice a little, just above a whisper.  I locked eyes with the arrogant young prick in my most intimidating stare and said, “I didn’t ask you if you had a card, I asked if I might use the store card.  Now, flip on your flashy light and get the manager over here.”

I know, I know.  I can hear you saying it.  “Whoa, Kirk… That escalated quickly.”

Colton not only flipped on his blinky light, he walked over to the manager and got the store’s discount card personally.

Consider this.  After the inevitable zombie apocalypse, who are you going to follow, me or Colton?  I am a survivor.  I am a survivalist, stuck in a pre-apocalyptic world.  I am a character from a novel, waiting for the plot twist that allows my true self to take over.  I’m the guy who does things, and gets things done.  Sure, I’m an asshole when I have to be, but the situation didn’t start off that way.  I was very polite.  I used proper grammar and inflection, because I was the one doing the asking.  It was only in response to Colton’s disparaging look and complete disregard of customer service that I escalated the situation.

Think about your favorite book character.  Would Darlene Bobich from “Dying Days” have let someone talk to her that way?  Would Jack Walker from “A New World: Chaos?”  Would my very own Victor Tookes of “What Zombies Fear” allow that situation?

No.  Victor, Darlene, and Jack are survivors.  They are strong, interesting characters that kick ass and take names when the situation requires it.  The trick is to balance the asshole with redeeming qualities.  In the case of Victor Tookes, his abrasiveness is balanced out by his absolute love and devotion to his son Max, for whom he would (and does) go to the ends of the earth to provide a safe-haven in a post-apocalyptic world.

In my own case, I’m not sure there are redeeming qualities.  But that’s why Victor Tookes is a better man than me.

You can read much more about Victor at, and join the community of Maxists on Facebook.



Summer of Zombie Blog Tour – Zombie Fanboy for Joe McKinney by Armand Rosamilia


Fan Boy Armand Rosamilia with a Zombie Idol…

Graeme Reynolds's Blog

998598_425130924268525_1601096954_nA couple of weeks have passed since the sights and experiences of World Horror Convention in New Orleans. I had a great time meeting old friends I’d never met in person, meeting new people I have since become Facebook friends with, eating in NOLA, getting to do two book pitches and seeing how it worked, seeing many great panels, selling some books, posing for many pictures… I had a great time and I know it helped build my career and my networking.
But of all the people I met that great weekend, Joe McKinney was easily the one I wanted to meet the most. Sure, I was super-excited to meet John Everson finally, see Jonathan Maberry and his shirts, see Jeff Strand again and his amazing better half, Lynne Hansen, and Tim Marquitz is a mountain of a man, but Zombie Joe is where it’s at for me.
I went…

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Guest Fiction: Matt Soresina


One More Day

Matthew Soresina

            It’s been three hours since we blew Flagler Beach into an island and separated ourselves from the rest of the peninsula entirely. The well-to-does and the officials claim “it’s to stop the Zombies from infiltrating from Volusia County.” The truth is, we would have blown the bridges out too if it was for safety, not for economic reasons after the military cleans this mess up. That’s right, they still believe the military can save us, They slept through the first wave of the “undead.”

            The paramedics were first on the scene. Right outside Finn’s just before 2 a.m. What we expected  was just someone that had to many, what we got was a ride in an attracting beacon with flashing lights as we rolled into a feeding frenzy. I slowed my bus as ‘people started crowding around, pounding on the glass, head-butting the glass. Jesse was in the back screaming about driving into a riot when my window shattered. I unclamped my seatbelt as a woman started grabbing at me, blood was everywhere in seconds. They were starting to climb in through the window en’masse. I forced myself into the back and within seconds we had followers. It  looked like ladies night at the morgue, Jesse and I fled out the back door, the accident was right behind us, a mini-van turned the SR100 side of Finn’s into a drive thru. They ate him or her, and came after us. Jesse drug me to the 7-11 explaining that most on duty cops only leave that parking lot at night if they have no other choice.

            The scene at the 7-11 was like something out of a low budget movie, The zombie clerk was trying to eat the scanner while the still human clerk was being ripped apart by zombies next to the ice cooler outside. Lousy smoke break, if you ask me.  Jesse and I froze; I don’t know if she was scared or, like myself, suffering from the complete inability to accept the things my eyes we’re showing me. I’ve been driving that bus for the better part of a decade and this is the first time I’ve seen a dead person walking, let alone trying to eat me.  I had three thoughts at the time: steal the cigarettes, save the cookies and get out of here. Jesse ran inside, pulling me behind her and locked the door behind us. Just like that, we’re in a glass box with a monster looking out at more monsters. Before she noticed the zombie clerk had her by the hair. She screamed so loud I ducked, but only for an instant. I bludgeoned the young flesh eating clerk with his scanner, feeling quite guilty, he was a good kid.

            “Where’d he come from?” Jesse stammered behind me. I just shook my head and went to cut off the lights.

            The National Guard drove past and according to the local SURF radio they were on their way to contain the outbreak that had started with a bunch of bar hopping spring breakers. Numerous bars and clubs were destroyed by the blood thirsty beasts. All my mind could fathom was Daytona’s main strip drenched in blood, while flesh-eating, half-dressed corpses in 5 inch heels chased drunks down the streets. According to the radio, the National Guard was having difficulty keeping the dead down. They were steadily moving north.

             Apparently this town really does have everything, because 15 minutes after the word got out they were coming north, the DJ was calling for the able bodied to get together and blast the narrow section of the peninsula into a new inlet. Jesse heard that and bolted out the door running to the station over by the pier. She left the door unlocked, I should have been on my way to help, I should have at least went and locked the door, but I just sat behind the counter with the radio going, chain smoking, why not? The world is ending.

            It happened when I got out of the bathroom, this was my fourth trip. If you got free access to the 7-11’s Slurpee machine you’d totally understand why. I lit a cigarette as I came out, I went in the bathroom with the radio telling me how the ‘recon’ team had come back with a lot of explosives. They didn’t say where any of it came from, but they did say that we’d lost four of the nine that had went to Palm Coast and only one person of the two truckloads that had gone to the armory in Daytona. When I came out of the bathroom she grabbed my hand. I thought it was Jesse excited about her run to the armory or whatever. Suddenly I got pain. She had bit into my forearm which caused me to beat her in the head and jerk my arm away. I was bleeding profusely and the zombie’s got in my castle so I ran.

            I ran straight out the door and jumped over the fence, why lie?  I tumbled through the cactus’ into the sand of the beach. I wrapped my bleeding arm in a towel I found next to a garbage can on my way up to the pier. I figure I was bitten by a zombie this morning why not blow something up before dinner, but by the time I got there everyone had left.

             Gun shots have been ringing up and down the island, the bodies are everywhere, some getting back up and some being put down. The screams are just as bad as the gunshots, the living screaming for sanity, the dying screaming for mercy and the dead screaming for food. It’s such a shame to have all this horror on such a nice spring day.

            The explosion rattled people that hadn’t yet been privy to our situation, shook them to their feet on the zombie infested weekend. I have been hiding in the radio booth under the A-frame at the pier. It’s been quiet here since the “boom” so I’ve been calling people on the air and getting them to call me on the bait shop line, trying to get a good account of our situation. The abounding truth is we can’t find anyone that was part of blowing out the peninsula, most of us think they we’re collateral damage of the boom. South A1A is certainly gone and the explosion made a nice deep inlet about two hundred feet south of High Bridge, it also made the zombies more alert. They’re looking for us. No word of what happens if you get bit, so I am left to wonder, am I going to die?

Books, Beer and Blogshit Interview with Armand Rosamilia


Once again, those two fine fine gentlemen from Books, Beer and Blogshit interview me… haha, I’m sorry, I can’t keep a straight face. Frank and Jeff actually interviewed me.

Guest Post: Julianne Snow



Should A Horror Author Scare Themselves?

Julianne Snow

 Julianne Snow

To write? Or not to write? That really isn’t a question for me. I have to write. It’s a feeling that consumes me. There are times when I should be sleeping or catching up with friends… Where can you find me instead? Either furiously typing on my computer or at my desk, scribbling out a story longhand.

There are always those tales that end up being tedious to get out. You start off with a great idea, only to have it disintegrate as you lay the words down.

Others come together so beautifully that you sit back and wonder where a particular phrase came from. Sometimes you are just able to hit the emotions and imagery on the head and it reads exactly how you saw it happening in your mind.

There is an interesting facet of writing that deserves some consideration – how does an author write stellar horror without scaring themselves? How do they evoke the reactions of fear and unease without falling victim to their own words?

I’d bet there are authors out there writing in the genre that would maintain they are immune to their own words. I can’t help but wonder if that is a good thing – how can you hope to scare, to evoke feeling, if you cannot even scare yourself?

It’s a benchmark that I strive to attain each and every time I craft a story. I know that I’ve hit the mark when I can sit back and let the shudder course through my body or feel that tingle of fear run up my spine. Emotion is a universal concept; we all feel. Injecting your writing with emotion is the best way, in my experience as both a writer and as a reader, to engage your audience.

As I write each of the books in my Days with the Undead series there are times when I genuinely have to sit back and take a break. The living dead are some of the most sinister monsters that anyone can imagine – when you look into their slack faces what is it that stares back at you?

A reflection of humanity’s demise.

Now, add any situation that could likely arise during the Apocalypse. Car crashes, extreme weather, the death of the loved one. In some cases, it’s the element of surprise that gets you; and in others, the gentle, sustained build of tension and fright that makes it hard to swallow.

If I were being honest, I want all my readers to feel the same emotions I do as I write. I want the tense moments to quicken your desire to devour my words. I want each page turned to make you pause for a moment, if only just to catch your breath before the next scene. When you are finished reading a scene in its entirety, I want it to stick with you for long moments after; to take up residence in your psyche and for you to mention it at the oddest moment in unrelated conversation. I want to take the things that you think are unimaginable in the horror realm and creep you out to the utmost level. Those are the emotions that I want you to feel, but I don’t want to simply do it in the most graphic way. Simplicity and subtlety are the tools that I prefer to use. That, and just a little touch of poignant creepiness. When you read my words, I want you to feel uneasy, the same way I did while writing them.

 DwtU Cover

Summer of Zombie Blog Tour Continues With the Amazing Joe McKinney!


Summer of Zombie Blog Tour with Joe McKinney

Our Darkest Fears

Well folks, hold on to your hats and watch your step, the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour bus is pulling in again.  This time, the bus brings us Bram Stoker Award winner and all around cool cat… Joe McKinney!  Before trying his hand at the fiction game, Joe earned his keep as a police officer.  He has stopped in to share how that helped to shape his work in the horror genre.  If you want to read more from the man you can go to his website and see what he has to scare you with.  His work is superb and if you haven’t read Joe’s work, go and take care of it.  I am deeply humbled to have him here on the blog and without further delay, here is Joe McKinney…


Why I Write the Dark Stuff (Blog Post for Library Journal)

By Joe McKinney

In my day job…

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Another Fictional Character Based On TikiTender?


Mark Woods thinks he’s the Woody character in my Flagler Fiction Series… hmm…

Have You Had Your Tiki Today?

Just finished “Kokomo’s Cafe“, the first in a new series by Armand Rosamilia, based in Flagler Beach.   This Andrew “Woody” Woodson seems like a familiar character.

“Woody seemed to know everyone in Kokomo’s Café, nodding and acknowledging everyone by name. He was the main bartender at the Golden Lion, having run the tiki bar for the past six years. Woody knew everyone in town, and everyone knew him. He was the local celebrity, with his quick smile and flirty attitude toward anything female. Woody played the part and he played it well. Mac thought it must be exhausting to have to play the part twenty-four-seven. You couldn’t step outside your front door without having to play a character, a bigger than life version of who you really were.”

Yes, another character based on the persona of “TikiTender”.   Looking forward to seeing what sort of mis-adventures I (he)…

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Eight Authors, One Question – Summer of Zombies Blog Tour 2013


Summer of Zombie Blog Tour Interview with a bunch of us!

Lisa Woods Writes

For my turn in the Zombie Blog Tour, what I really wanted to know was, “Of all the writings composed by this talented group of writers, which are their favorites? And why?”  I couldn’t resist the opportunity to pick their brains and see how they would respond.  And it would give me a good jumping off point for me and my reader(s) to start reading their works if they are still unfamiliar with them.  And I’m nosy like that.  So shoot me.

And here are their answers, straight from the horses’ mouths, so to speak.  Not that I think any of them are horsey looking or anything like that.  In fact, I believe them to be a particularly good-looking group of hooligans.  Not that I know for sure they are actually hooligans, but I’m guessing if you got them into a room together, hooliganesque things would happen.  Especially with that…

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Summer of Zombies- Armand Rosamilia


Kirk Allmond Interviews the Cerebral Mind that is Armand Rosamilia

Kirk Allmond - Horror and Sci-fi author

Dying Days 3 Coverdyingdays2_with_text2dyingdays1














The Summer of Zombies Blog tour rolls on! One of my favorite authors, Armand Rosamilia stopped by and answered some  questions.

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Why your interviews don’t work and how to fix the problem


Robert Chazz Chute and Boring Interviews

C h a z z W r i t e s . c o m

See on Scoop.itWriting and reading fiction

A fun yet uncomfortable author interview: The Questions with Robert Chazz Chute: Writer on dSavannah Rambles

Robert Chazz Chute‘s insight:

Most author interviews don’t get read. If they are read, they are lightly scanned. Too often, the same questions are asked and worse, the same answers squeak out to an audience that does not care. There are people who care about where you get your ideas or how you started writing. Those people are your mom (maybe) and the fans who are already into your books. No conversions for you!

Regular Interviews Don’t Create New Readers

Regular interviews bore old readers. They convert no one. Some author interviews make me wish they’d preserved the mystery and shut up. Mostly, I just delete, ignore and move on to see if the Internet has any playful cat videos (like you). Author interviews as…

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The Summer of Zombie Blog Tour Continues


Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2013 with James N. Cook


blog tour 13

For the second time this month it is my privilege to share with you another author form the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour.

My guest today is James N. Cook and rather than the standard interview or the usual blog post about his writing roots and such…James would like to cut to the chase and give you a taste of his latest work.

Take it away, James…

James CookHello everyone, and thanks for having me. For this post, I decided not to bore you to death with a bunch of anecdotes, un-funny jokes, and observations that no one cares to hear. I am not here to tell you all about how awesome of a writer I am, and why you should buy my books, and how hard I’ve struggled, and blah, blah, blah. Rather, I’d like to simply show you. This is an actual chapter from my new novel, Warrior Within

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Are Independent Authors like Heavy Metal Bands?


Tim Baker talks about Heavy Metal? Really? \m/


A very good friend of mine plays guitar in a heavy metal band in Denver.

BTDSince I really don’t care for heavy metal, I won’t get into my personal opinion of their music. What I would like to discuss comes from a recent thread he started on facebook regarding the lack of air time that metal bands receive from radio stations. He claims that metal bands don’t get air time because they “refuse to follow the ‘code’ and ‘rules’ of radio.”

His comment implies that the reason we don’t hear bands like Anvil, Dream Theater, Slayer and Sepultura on our car radio, is that these bands refuse to cave in to “the man”. Furthermore, it could be inferred from his other comments that the only reason Metallica is heard on the radio is that they sold out.

What does this have to do with writing books, you ask?

Bear with…

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Author Armand Rosamilia hates Canada


I’m interviewed by the wonderful Robert Chazz Chute (even though he’s Canadian)

C h a z z W r i t e s . c o m

Dying Days 3Let’s not talk about Armand Rosamilia and the horror books everyone knows. Let’s talk about the secret Armand Rosamilia no one knows.

1. What’s the scariest movie you ever saw and why?

I always tell everyone Beaches with Bette Midler, but it’s really Breakin’ 2: Electric Bugaloo.

2. Why do you write about horror when you could be writing about unicorn and puppy erotica?

Who says I don’t use a pen-name for that stuff? But I hate puppies so I don’t write that crap.

3. What’s your secret to being so damn sexy and does that get in the way of your writing career or help your fame grow?

Being so damn sexy is actually a curse. I can’t even go through the McDonald’s drive-thru and order three McDoubles (plain, please) without someone asking for my autograph on the credit card receipt.

4. If you could remake a horror movie…

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Summer of Zombie 2013 FREE eBook – Nine Authors!



Bryan Smith. Joe McKinney. Armand Rosamilia. James N. Cook. John O’Brien. Julianne Snow. Mark Tufo. TW Brown. Kirk Allmond.

What do these nine authors have in common?

First off, they’re all dead sexy! And they all appear in Summer of Zombie 2013!

Summer of Zombie 2013 is jam packed with Zombie goodness! You’ll find excerpts from all of the authors along with a few exclusive shorts for your enjoyment. It’s a great way to test drive some zombie fiction before you buy it.


Excerpts from DeathBringer and The Late Night Horror Show by Bryan Smith

Kherfin by TW Brown

An excerpt from The Savage Dead by Joe McKinney

Michael Talbot by Mark Tufo

An excerpt from What Zombies Fear: Legion by Kirk Allmond

An excerpt from Warrior Within by James N. Cook

An excerpt from Dying Days 2 by Armand Rosamilia

The Treehouse and an excerpt from Days with the Undead: Book One by Julianne Snow

Excerpts from each of the books in John O’Brien’s A New World series


So what’s this fantastic little collection of gems going to cost you? That’s the best part!

It’s FREE!!! You can find it on Smashwords which gives you a few options for the best download to your device! Heck, it will even let you download a PDF if you don’t have an eReader.

Smashwords Link:

Reblog: Interview with Armand Rosamilia on Vincenzo’s Zombie Horror Blog


I was interviewed about Dying Days 3 on the excellent Vincenzo’s Zombie Horror Blog, and he asks some cool questions… give it a gander…

DD3 Print Cover

Uncomfortable answers to questions about blogging


Reblog: Great insight into blogging… now I need to do these things!

C h a z z W r i t e s . c o m

1. When’s the best time to post to your blog?

There are better times than others to post to your blog. Late at night isn’t generally so good. There’s a lot less browsing after 9 pm and prime time seems to be the morning hours. Mondays are big blog stats days as people ease into their week. Fridays suck, so I post less on Fridays. The earlier in the day and the earlier in the work week, the better.

2. Should you blog every day?

I think you should post only when you have something to say. If your content is rich and if you post often, the more traffic you’ll get. At DecisionToChange, I often blog several times a day, but with short posts.

3. What should you blog about?

Blog what you care about. If you try to blog about stuff that doesn’t interest you for some…

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Teaser: “Kokomo’s Café” Part 4


Kokomo‘s Café

Part 4

Flagler Fiction Series


And Your Dreams Come True


Ginny smiled when Danny Street came in. The boy was handsome, and had gone to FlaglerPalmCoastHigh School, with their daughter. He was an amazing guitarist, and, on several Friday nights, had played in the courtyard between Kokomo’s Café and Bahama Mama’s. Danny drew not only a younger crowd of smiling females, but a mature crowd who loved his acoustic renditions of classic 60’s rock and country staples from before he was born.

“I haven’t seen you in forever,” she said, from behind the counter. “The last thing I heard, you’d gone off to Nashville to become a star.”

Danny laughed and tucked his long blond locks behind an ear. “I wish. I went up there to record a few demo tracks, but nothing really came of it.” He looked around at the few customers in the main room and leaned forward. “But I have a meeting with a manager today.”

Ginny clapped. “Amazing! I knew you’d get somewhere, didn’t I always tell you that?”

Mac came out from the kitchen. “Hey, buddy. What’s this I hear about you getting rich and famous and forgetting about us little people?”

“You know it will never happen.” Danny, again, tucked his long blond hair behind his ear. “I’m going to meet him here later today. I invited the gang to come down so I could talk to them beforehand.”

“Taking the whole band with you to Nashville?” Ginny asked.

Danny put his hands up and smiled. “Who can really say? I sure hope so.”

“You’ve jammed with your friends for years and years. How amazing would it be, not only for you to get rich and famous, but to be able to take care of the people around you? They must be excited. Do you want some coffees?”

“I could really use a slice of the six-layer carrot cake. The manager will be here in a couple of hours, so just put it on his tab. He’s good for it. Maybe a smoothie, too. I need to focus and relax a bit. I’m going to chill in the side room until the guys get here. It’s so great to see you two again.”


*   *   *   *   *


“Wade, this is difficult, trust me,” Danny said.

“Bullshit. I can’t believe, after all we’ve been through, you’re going to drop us like this. For what? Some hotshot manager who’s going to make you into a star?”

“It does sound kinda cool,” Jayce said.

Wade turned to Jayce, who had his sunglasses on despite the fact they were sitting in the side room of Kokomo’s Café with the lights off and only natural sunlight peeking through the curtains. “Shut up, you burnout hippie. You always agree with whatever he says, no matter what. Dude, he’s dumping us so he can go off and be a star. We’re being left behind, don’t you get it?”

Jayce shrugged. “I’m happy for him. He’s my bro.”

Wade turned back to Danny. “We had a deal.”

Danny shook his head. “We had a few big dreams, sitting in your mom’s garage and jamming, that’s all. Look, I’m sorry you’re mad. I get it, I do… but this is my chance to make something of myself. You think I want to be trapped in FlaglerBeach, playing shitty free shows to mindless tourists? Shit, I’m too good for that.”

“What about us?”

Danny sat back and sipped his smoothie. “What about you?”


Like what you’ve read so far?

Amazon (only 99 cents)

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Nook (only 99 cents)

Kokomos 4 Cover




Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2013 – John O’Brien


Reblog: John O’Brien talking Zombies!

Graeme Reynolds's Blog

Summer flyer


Hello there. My name is John O’Brien and I’m the author of the series, A New World. I released the seventh book, “A New World: Takedown”, a short time ago and am starting on the eight book tentatively titled “A New World: Conspiracy”.


I was reading an interesting article on the new coronavirus that is starting to make its rounds. Well, interesting is relative. I’m sure it’s not “interesting” to those that have had it or their families. So far, only twenty four known cases but it has a fifty percent fatality rate. And, it’s not known where it resides or how it is communicated. The one thing that is known, is that it can be transmitted between humans. The WHO has dubbed this the MERS-CoV, or, the Middle East Respiratory Virus – Coronavirus.

So far, no known cases in the U.S. but with troops returning from the…

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The Summer of Zombies Blog Tour – Mark Tufo


Reblog: Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2013 with Mark Tufo


For the second year in a row I have been invited to participate in the Summer of Zombies Blog Tour and as luck would have it, I am honored to welcome back Zombie/Horror author Mark Tufo as my guest blogger.

blog tour 13Mark has a couple of new works he’d like to tell you about. One them sounds particularly interesting…it’s a horror novel called Tim 2 (catchy title – don’t cha think?).

Just reading this post should stir your interest in Tim – I know it did mine.

So moving right along…please enjoy this short guest post from Mark Tufo, check out his website here, and please look for the rest of the Summer Zombie Blog posts here.

Take it away, Mark! Mark Tufo image

Back by popular demand Tim 2!!!! Okay so not really. Most folks who enjoy eating or have a fear of clowns will steer clear of this novel. Back in…

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Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2013


Summer flyer

Welcome to the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2013, starring some of the coolest zombie authors around! You thought last year was amazing? Here’s the lineup for this year… NINE authors!

bryan smith

Bryan Smith is the author of numerous horror novels and novellas. Some of his most popular titles are Depraved, The Freakshow, and The Killing Kind. His work within the zombie subgenre includes Deathbringer, Rock and Roll Reform School Zombies, and The Late Night Horror Show. The latter is a tale of alternate realities featuring parallel plotlines about zombies, vampires, and backwoods maniacs. The zombie segment is set in the immediate aftermath of a cinematic zombie apocalypse brought to life. In the works is yet another zombie novel, Slowly We Rot, envisioned as a more traditionally Romero-esque tale of the living dead. Bryan lives in Tennessee, where he hangs out with his dogs and drinks a lot of beer while watching cheap horror movies. Visit his home on the web at

The Blog That Dripped Blood


TW Brown

It began in a dark theater.

In the Seventies, a movie changed my life forever: Dawn of the Dead. I have been fascinated by not just zombies, but the entire apocalyptic genre. The first book I read that had as much of an effect as Dawn was The Stand. Still, in my mind, I just did not think I had anything to add to what I considered to be perfection.

Fast-forward to 2009 and a college creative writing course where the teacher told us to just write something “for fun”. She said that the grade was not going to be based on mechanic, but instead, she wanted to see us enjoy writing. I had just finished reading Monster Island by David Wellington and decided “What the heck!” The teacher asked me to stay after class the day after we had turned in our project. She went on at length about how obvious it was that I loved the zombie genre, and then she posed the big question: “Why aren’t you writing this stuff?”

Four years and over a dozen book later, my Zomblog series and DEAD series have allowed me to quit my “day job” and focus solely on writing. Zomblog, which was extended to a six-book series due to reader requests (book five, Zomblog: Snoe’s War comes out in June) and is told in a journal format (minor spoiler here) that changes hands a few times. And don’t get me wrong, I owe my career as it stands to that series, but the DEAD series has always been my dream.

The series begins with Dead: The Ugly Beginning and sets up a three chapter rotational format. You get Steve’s Story, a first person account of things as the world spirals into chaos; The Geeks, four friends who believed that a zombie apocalypse would be the coolest thing ever…and quickly discover to the contrary; and Vignettes, this was initially supposed to just be snapshots from all over the globe. However, some of the stories took on a life of their own and have actually become reader favorites.

I am thrilled that book six, Dead: Confrontation is about to release and that I am actually hearing from readers anxious to get their hands on it. This marks the halfway mark in what I plan to be a twelve book series (although Zomblog was only supposed to be three books…so we shall see).


Joe McKinney has been a patrol officer, a disaster mitigation specialist, a homicide detective, a patrol commander, and an award-winning novelist and short story writer. His zombie novel Dead City came out in 2006. Since then he’s expanded that opening shot in the zombie apocalypse to include three more novels, including Flesh Eaters, which won the 2011 Bram Stoker Award for Best Novel. Several of his stories have been adapted for graphic novels, and his novel Dead City is currently in production for a movie. You can learn more about Joe McKinney and his books at
Also, here’s the cover for my upcoming novel THE SAVAGE DEAD, due out September 3, 2013.


Hi my name is Mark Tufo and this is my small bio slash zombie homage. First off trying to boil your life down to a few paragraphs is like trying to get out of the house with a newborn in under 5 minutes. Those of you with kids will understand the reference. Speaking of which I have three, thankfully they are mostly grown at this point which has allowed me to pursue a writing career. I grew up a blue collar man in a blue collar family, after a stint in the Marines and then the more dangerous Post Office, I decided to educate myself and get one of those cushy white collar jobs. Well I got a few, damned thing was though I couldn’t hold on to them. Kept getting laid off. It was during these down times that I began to write, it was a way to cope with the stress of having a family that was becoming more and more difficult to support.

My wife and I put out the first Zombie Fallout book in February of 09, there was huge fan-fare, ticker tape parades and maybe even some hyperventilating from the one fan that bought the book that month. Didn’t matter much that wasn’t why I had written it in the first place. I wrote a zombie book because I’ve always been fascinated with the genre. Ever since I was 7 years old and my cousin who was babysitting thought watching Night of the Living Dead would be a good way to while away the time. I’d never been so scared and enthralled at the same time in my entire life. I devoured all things zombies, movies, books, comics. Didn’t matter much. And then during one of my lay-off periods, my wife dared me to write one. (Mostly so I’d leave her alone) And I haven’t looked back.

The Zombie Fallout series is 6 novels and 1 novella long, with Zombie Fallout 7 due in October. I have the Timothy series which is written through the eyes of a zombie (not for the faint of heart – and don’t eat and read it – you’ve been warned). And there is also the continuing saga of The Book of Riley, a zombie tale told through the eyes of Riley an American Bulldog. I don’t always write about the quasi-dead, but they’re never far from my brain! (Horrible pun but fitting – Thank you for taking a few moments to learn a little about me)


Armand Rosamilia has been an astronaut, physicist, maker of fine Swiss watches and created the game of football (all kinds) in his spare time, when not writing lots and lots of stories, some of which even make sense. His Dying Days 3 zombie novella has just been released and he will destroy the world (and Mars) unless you buy a copy. That is all. 

Julianne Snow

Julianne Snow

It was while watching Romero’s Night of the Living Dead at the tender age of 6 which solidified Julianne’s respect for the Undead. Since that day, she has been preparing herself for the (inevitable) Zombie Apocalypse. While classically trained in all of the ways to defend herself, she took up writing in order to process the desire she now covets; to bestow a second and final death upon the Undead. As the only girl growing up in a family with four children in the Canadian countryside, Julianne needed some form of escape. Her choice was the imaginations of others which only fostered the vibrancy of her own.

Days with the Undead: Book One is her first full-length book, the basis of which can be found in her popular web serial of the same name. Along with many zombie shorts published on her blog, she has a story in Women of the Living Dead as well as two zombie pieces; a standalone short and a collection releasing the summer of 2013. Julianne’s second novel in her Days with the Undead series will also be released in 2013. Stay tuned!

Twitter: @CdnZmbiRytr

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Goodreads: Julianne Snow

Amazon Author Page: Julianne Snow

Blogs: Days with the Undead & The FlipSide of Julianne & The Randomness of Julianne


James N. Cook (who prefers to be called Jim, even though his wife insists on calling him James) is a martial arts enthusiast, a veteran of the U.S. Navy, a former cubicle dweller, and the author of the “Surviving the Dead” series. He hikes, he goes camping, he travels a lot, and he has trouble staying in one spot for very long. Even though he is a grown man, he enjoys video games, graphic novels, and gratuitous violence. He lives in North Carolina (for now) with his wife, son, two vicious attack dogs, and a cat that is scarcely aware of his existence.


John O’Brien

John O’Brien is a former Air Force fighter instructor pilot who transitioned to Special Operations for the latter part of his career gathering his campaign ribbon for Desert Storm. Immediately following his military service, John became a firefighter/EMT with a local department. Along with becoming a firefighter, he fell into the Information Technology industry starting two large casinos in Washington as the Information Technology Manager and becoming the Network Manager for the Washington State Legislature, the Northwest Information Technology Manager for the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Network Systems Manager for Hollywood Video.

Currently, John is writing time on the series, A New World. As a former marathon runner, John lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and can now be found kayaking out in the waters of Puget Sound, mountain biking in the CapitalForest, hiking in the Olympic Peninsula, or pedaling his road bike along the many scenic roads.


Kirk Allmond:  Author, Zombie Expert, Survivalist, Teacher.

Kirk Allmond takes on all aspects of zombies.  This isn’t just a vocation, it’s a passion.  In 2006, The Zombie Preparedness Initiative was formed as a global project to prepare the world for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.  Or, whatever disaster may occur.  The Zombie Preparedness Initiative, or ZPI, is unique in that it connects zombie literature, survivalism, and a dash of humor. The site provides a useful service with wit and wisdom.

On the site, there’s an article about creating a zombie plan. The article is a thoughtful and thorough discussion of what an ordinary person should learn about being prepared for any emergency or disaster, not just a plan for when the dead walk the earth.  Alongside this article are postings about gardening and food preservation, including the all-important topic “How to Make Bacon Post Apocalypse”, weaponry and supplies. 

Kirk didn’t write all the articles, and gives the majority of the credit to his Advisory Board, a group of writers, survivalists, and zombie enthusiasts who oversee the content of the site. Many ideas are contributed by members of the large community of readers, who also participate in the discussion forums. 

Allmond’s novels, the “What Zombies Fear” series are co-authored with Laura Bretz.  What Zombies Fear: A Father’s Quest has reached the number one spot on Amazon’s Horror, Paranormal, and Superhero best seller lists. 

The series follows Victor Tookes in his quest to keep his son safe.  It’s different than most zombie novels in that these zombies are caused by a parasitic alien, which hitchhiked to earth aboard a meteor.  These aliens invade the brain of the host, taking control of the body.  In the case of a weaker infection, the corpse becomes the traditional Romero style zombie.  But in cases of severe infection, the parasites can control more areas of the brain, allowing for zombies that can pass as human.  In rare cases of the strongest infection, those zombies are able to access areas of the brain that normal humans did not, giving them heightened abilities.

Their latest novel, Declaration of War was published April, 2013, and reached the number 1 spot on Amazon’s Best Seller list in the Horror category.

There are currently five novels published in the series, and the final novel being written right now.

  1. What Zombies Fear:  A Father’s Quest
  2. What Zombies Fear: The Maxists
  3. What Zombies Fear: The Gathering
  4. What Zombies Fear: Fracture
  5. What Zombies Fear: Declaration of War
  6. What Zombies Fear: The Incarnation (Due Fall 2013)

In addition to the books in the WZF universe, Allmond and Bretz also publish a serial called “Will of the Dead”, a completely different, much darker take on the Zombie Apocalypse