Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2013 Starts Tomorrow!

As everyone knows, June is Zombie Month… actually, I have no idea. I just made that up so it made more sense we’re doing the blog tour in June. For those of you who joined us last year at this time, this is a bigger and better tour… more interviews, more guest blogs, and more zombie authors!


Check out the flyers for all the cool authors you’ll be reading each and every day. Impressive, right? I know when I started putting this together I had the biggest thrill getting these guys (and gal!) in one spot and having so much excitement coming from them.

Summer flyer

Tomorrow starts the kickoff, with a simple blog post here with all nine authors and their bios. Then the real fun begins! Each day one or more posts are going up, and I will do my best to reblog them here for easy reference, and we’ll be posting them to the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2013 Facebook event page as well. Join in and see the fun. 


2 Responses to “Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2013 Starts Tomorrow!”

  1. Sounds like some mayhem is about to commence. Just finished World War Z today as well..


  2. Sounds like fun, I’ll be checking it out 🙂


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