Ahh, Sunday Morning…

There is nothing better than being able to wake up when you want to, instead of when you have to… as much as I love my life, I still have to get up weekdays at 6 am so I can hike my kid 20 miles to high school… and then spend the next 6 hours in Kokomo’s Cafe in Flagler Beach writing and doing my thing (which involves too much coffee and pastry). 

I usually have running around to do on the weekends, since I fill my life with so many writing projects. Running off to do interviews for my Southern Championship Wrestling book or for the Palm Coast Roller Derby one, and then taking the kids here and there… 

But today, I got to sleep in and wake up when I felt like it. I slept until 6:45, a small victory. Once the brain starts thinking it never stops, and I can never climb back into my comfy bed and fall back asleep… because I start thinking of scenes for one of the stories I’m writing, and it never ever ends.

I get a huge cup of coffee (or three), tell my daughter to turn down that godawful music she listens to, and slip into a few hours of writing, Facebook, blog posts, e-mails, etc. before making lunch. Then I’ll check the time of the Red Sox game, take a nap, write a little more, maybe nap #2 if I have time, and then an hour drive north to see my Special Gal and a night of roller derby watching and then dinner. 

Tomorrow? Back to the grind. 

For right now, I need to fully wake (another cup of coffee should do it) and hit my daily 2,000 word goal so I can climb back into my comfy bed. 

2 Responses to “Ahh, Sunday Morning…”

  1. That’s a good life.


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