Having A Bad Day – Writer’s Worst Nightmares

Today is not a good day for me… it’s currently been raining for what seems like a month straight, flooding up and down the Florida coast, and I hate getting wet. The rain is cold. 

Jeff Hanneman of SLAYER is dead… at 49, from liver failure. I was out to dinner with Shelly last night when my 17-year old texted me the news. Surreal. It was a blow, even though I’d only met him briefly once in the mid-1990’s backstage at a show in New York, and he was a friendly guy. He was the true backbone of SLAYER, writing some of my all-time favorite songs. He was only 6 years older than me, and it was depressing to hear an idol was dead. 

Did I mention it was still raining outside?

Some of you might know I helped a fellow author friend (who I’ve never met in person but hope to someday) to extract his daughter from an abusive boyfriend a few weeks ago. All looked good, she was as far away from him as she could be… but now, it seems, she is going back to him. Another crushing blow. In the short (4-5 hours?) I knew her, I really liked her and saw her bright future ahead. Now, I only see another potential statistic. She thinks she’ll be the exception and he’ll never hit her again… I’m really sad for her. 

Yep, still raining outside…

I do copywriting jobs on the side, little 200-300 word blurbs about a concert coming to someplace in Texas or the reasons you need to select a certain apartment complex in Ohio, stuff like that… only, today, I had a bunch of Adult ones given to me. Really Adult. Stuff about swinger cruises, vibrators, squirting… crazy stuff, and it pays very well. I’m no prude, but this stuff is intense. I need a mental bleach after this… 

When it rains it pours…

I’ve gotten nothing done today writing-wise. Just this blog, which I don’t count as actually getting nearer my 2,000 word daily goal. I’ll be home tonight, listening to the rain, and being grumpy I didn’t reach my goal. 

…and because of the rain, First Friday’s book signing in Flagler Beach has been cancelled for tonight. I guess the fact the park looks like a lake had something to do with it. 



Trapped in purgatory 
A lifeless object, alive 
Awaiting reprisal 
Death will be their acquisition 

The sky is turning red 
Return to power draws near 
Fall into me, the skys crimson tears 
Abolish the rules made of stone 

Pierced from below, souls of my treacherous past 
Betrayed by many, now ornaments dripping above 

Awaiting the hour of reprisal 
Your time slips away 

Raining blood 
From a lacerated sky 
Bleeding it’s horror 
Creating my structure 
Now I shall reign in blood!

15 Responses to “Having A Bad Day – Writer’s Worst Nightmares”

  1. Sorry to hear about your troubles man, hope it all turns around for you. I hope our mutual friend’s daughter will get out of that relationship before it is too late. Keep your head up man, the rain will come to an end!


  2. RIP Jeff Hanneman. Slayer, the Kings of Thrash will never be the same. Even though I’ve seen Slayer live a dozen times, I’m sorry I didn’t catch ‘The Big 4’ show when it came through NY a few years back.


    • Yeah, I’m sorry I missed Slayer the few times they were in Florida over the last 10 years now. Just always assumed I’d get to see them again with the original lineup



  3. The news about Jeff passing was a shock. As for the rest of your life right now? I thought I was the only one the universe was taking a crap on…


  4. Sorry to hear, Armand. Sometimes, it seems things just like to accumulate and dump all at once.


  5. That truly is a bad week. And an all too common situation with the abused girl, sadly. I hope she gets the inner strength to see the truth–fast. And I’m sorry you didn’t get any writing done. Here’s to better days next week. sigh


  6. I’m so sorry to hear about Todd’s daughter, I hope she is the exception of she goes back not a statistic. I’ll mail you an umbrella with some M&Ms or maybe a M&M umbrella.LOL. I vote go to bed (having shitty week myself) you’ll wake up nice and “fresh” tomorrow.;)


  7. Hi Armand

    Thanks for Following my Blog back, MUCH Appreciated.

    Best Wishes,
    Kevin Gillespie


  8. Oh honey. How we hate these days. The only thing to be taken from them, is a quiet reflection on whete we are writing-wise, and as individuals. I hope that girl gets out. Too many young people such as she is, vulnerable and impressionable, don’t get the chance to grow into capable, strong adults.


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