Reblog: Armand Talks About Where he Writes – Kokomo’s Cafe!

Because, let’s face it, what would a day be like without yet another interview with me? Oh, and my humble disposition, too… and my great looks.

4 Responses to “Reblog: Armand Talks About Where he Writes – Kokomo’s Cafe!”

  1. LeeAllenHoward Says:

    I got a charge out of you pulling over the car and writing on the spot. I’ve never done that, but I carry a recorder around with me when I’m in the car, to keep track of inspiration as I’m zoning out on the highway. Love the cafe, too, very quaint. I do the same, with 3 or 4 coffee shops in the area. Whatever it takes, Armand, keep the stories coming!


    • Unless I’m going somewhere that isn’t very safe or not driving my car, I usually try to have my laptop behind my seat. I find many times during the day, I get an idea and have to write it down. I can’t read my own handwriting so that never works.



  2. How did you come up with a word goal of 2000 per day? And do you reach or even exceed it regularly?


    • I set the 2,000 word goal about 18 months ago, when my original goal (1,000 words a day) was easily broken after I started writing full-time. I can probably count on one hand how many days I’ve not hit my goal when I set it. And when I take a weekend off or a day here and there, I make up the 2,000 words in that week. I average about 15,000 words a week, and hope to keep it going.



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