“Dying Days 3” First Draft Is Done!

I finished what I believe is a damn good first draft of Dying Days 3, my zombie novella. The first two parts of the story clocked in at about 25,000 words each, but my goal on this one was to get more story and make it about 35,000 words. The final first draft ended up being over 40,000, which I am quite happy with. 

There will also be a companion short story like in the other Dying Days releases, with a return of Tosha Shorb and her sister, and I might add in another short piece or two. My goal is to get the final product over 50,000 words and be a nice solid release. More bang for your buck, as they say. I think someone says that, anyway. 

Then readers (you are out there!) of the series will be happy to know I can finish up Dying Days: Origins, which tells the prequel story of Tosha Shorb and also the prequel of David Monsour (who also appeared in Dying Days 2) as well as the prequel story of Eric White (and written by author Lisa Woods, who is a big fan of the series).

But wait, there’s more!

Still Dying: Further Scenes From Dying Days will be another anthology of short stories set in the world, but this time written by other authors (like Tim Baker, Brent Abell, Lori Safranek, Frank Edler, Patrick Greene, AD Roland and many others) and also a brand new Darlene Bobich short story from me. 

Still not convinced?

My short story collection of more erotic short stories, Dying Days: Threesome, will be out this summer as well… three shorts with even more sex for your money, and a return of Randy from Highway To Hell. There might even be a sequel to Highway To Hell called Hell’s Bells: Highway To Hell 2 in the works as well if I get the time to fit it into the schedule. 


Tim Baker and I will be finishing a sequel to Dying Days: The Siege of European Village as well, so look for that soon. 

Now, I just have to stay off Facebook and Twitter and actually write all this stuff… 


Dying Days 3 Cover

5 Responses to ““Dying Days 3” First Draft Is Done!”

  1. LeeAllenHoward Says:

    Congrats, Armand! Doesn’t it feel good to finish a draft? 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on Lisa Woods Writes and commented:
    Armand Rosamillia talks about the future of his ever popular Dying Days series and he just happens to mention yours truly, as well.


  3. Congrats Armand! I love finishing off drafts 🙂 Then the good stuff starts!


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