Guest Blog: Stuart Anderson

I feel slightly out of place contributing to this guest blog. There are so many contributors on here full of energy, ideas, inspiration and imagination that I feel something of an impostor. Do I consider myself a writer? I certainly consider myself a scribbler, a muser of a love of the horror and science fiction genres.

My imagination has always been rampant. My urge to write, to create worlds has always been strong. What has been lacking has been a discipline to compete my work. Last week a Facebook acquaintance suggested that on the basis of the quality writing for my blog I should consider producing some fiction. ‘Quality writing’… Music to my ears.  Little did she know that some works are already in the works – my new worlds are slowly being created, worlds inspired by an often maligned genre of writing and film-making.

Horror is many things to many people – and to some people their idea of horror is woefully misguided. The need to be frightened and terrorised is intrinsic to the human personality. The science of Psychology knows this – Freud talked about the human need to satisfy, or at least control, our death instinct, Thanatos. At the same time we are constantly trying to deal with the innate desire to create, to love, to have sex – Eros. That is why we love horror, for it is this constant battle between Eros and Thanatos that nourishes our desires and our fears. It suggests that horror – all horror, from Mary Shelley, Poe, Stephen King, Hitchcock, Slasher movies, Zombies et al) feeds us, sooths us. In other words, without horror we could not exist.

In my eyes, horror storytelling (in any of it’s sub-genres) has the capacity to act as a metaphor for not only our complex human condition but also as an explanation of the greater fears and expectations of society.

The story I’m working on at the moment explores the darkness that Freud argues is with us all. That lifelong battle between the separate parts of our personality which are all fighting for domination has always intrigued me, from the explicit example of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde to modern and more implicit examples of Zombie as metaphors for the conflicts with our personalities. My character will be struggling with the demands of his conflicting psyche, the darkness from which will manifest itself violently, sexually and hopefully, terrifyingly.

I hope that readers enjoy my stories when completed. Whether published or not.


Stuart Anderson lives in the North of Scotland. His grown up job consists of teaching Psychology to college level students, this enables him to then pay the bills to then feed his lifelong obsession with all things horror and science fiction related.

He has been scribbling since his teens, but now at 47 years of age he has finally decided to pull his finger out of his backside and actually decide to be more focused. He recently started a blog in which he muses on things sci-fi & horror related, which has taken off in ways he could only dream of.

This has inspired him to actually complete his other pieces fiction of work and expects to have a selection of short stories completed by the summer. The ideas for a novel have also began germinate, notes are being put down and that is going to be his next big thing.

One day he expects to grow out of his obsession. But not today.

Stuart can be reached on his blog – ( )

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