Guest Blog: Matthew Scott Baker


I can’t recall whether or not I’ve mentioned this in previous interviews about my story “Stiff”, but the primary inspiration for it came from G.I. Joe.  I’m referring specifically to the recent movie, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.  Does this sound odd?  Well, of course it does…we’re talking about zombie erotica after all.

If you’re not familiar with the premise of this film, it deals with a new weapon that utilizes nanotechnology, or microscopic machines that can be programmed to do anything such as eat metal or restructure human bone mass.  My warped imagination started running with the concept, and I started wondering if nanotechnology could be used within the body to contain certain medicines, such as a sexual-aid, within a specific region.  As fate would have it, this was also around the time that I read the submission call for Fifty Shades of Decay.  

Once again, my twisted mind put two and two together, and the concept behind “Stiff” was born:  what if a sexual aid had the negative side effect of reanimating the dead if it reached the brain… so a drug company decided to use nanotechnology to keep it in the groin area?  And what if that went wrong…?  I’m sure you can see where things go to hell, so to speak, from here.

I also found it interesting to consider how ironic it would be if sex was the reason behind the zombie apocalypse.  The very act that was meant to repopulate the human race as the very act that also dooms it?  How much more dramatic can you get?  

This was probably the hardest story I’ve ever had to write because I don’t normally deal with erotica in my storylines.  I’m very pleased with how this one turned out though, and I feel that it is a solid blend of both sexuality and horror.  I’m eager to hear what fans think as well.

Matthew Scott Baker is a trophy husband and stay-at-home dad who turned to writing when the rigors of real life began to take their toll on his body and mind.  He lives in Prairie Grove, Arkansas with his wife and three kids.  Prior to his current stations, he has worked in a wide variety of jobs, including video store manager, hospital housekeeper (or bacterial assassin, as he was known), bartender, and professional sales for a major transportation company.  When he is not looking good on his wife’s arm, writing, or herding the children, Matthew likes to relax with a good book or watch horror movies.  Matthew’s fiction has appeared in Aphelion: The Webzine of Science Fiction and Fantasy.  He also runs Shattered Ravings, a blog devoted to reviewing movies, books, and comics in the Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy genres.  He loves to converse with his readers, so visit his website at and drop him a line.
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Fifty Shades of Decay

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