Guest Blog: Beanie Lei

The only word I saw was zombies. Since beginners should write about what they know, I thought, well, why not? I’m on a film diet, and my brother has the best book EVER on surviving a zombie attack. Surely that makes me an expert of sorts.

Those thoughts came to my head as I wondered whether to enter the screenwriting competition or not.

Coincidentally, I’d just finished reading about a chimpanzee not being given human rights because he wasn’t a person.

A story started to form. Imagine an apocalyptic zombie attackImagine it’s now overImagine having to rebuild your life. As a zombie.

I had great fun constructing my post-zombified UK. Human rights were for humans only, but  some zombies were more human than others. A group called Helping Undead Members Actively Navigate Society (HUMANS) emerged, fighting to keep all zombies alive. One group member was a wife standing by her zombie ex-scientist husband. Though he’d lost everything else, he recognised her and remained protective of her.

Story in hand, I entered the competition.

Looking back, my script was clunky and, face it, too far-out for a dramatic, romantic tragicomedy . Only I was disappointed not to get any further. But the storytelling bug had bitten me, hard, and refused to let me go.

I’m now sticking to sci-fi and comedy a la Pratchett, Wodehouse and Asimov. In the future, who knows? Armand, thank you for allowing me to guest post, it is a privilege.


I’m writing my family-friendly Twitter novel (eek!) ‘Mirrorverse’ #twittvelmirrorverse and navigating Twitter from the UK. A wannabe bestselling novelist and scriptwriter, I love languages, meerkats, playing the violin and electronic dance music. Website: Twitter: @beanielei

One Response to “Guest Blog: Beanie Lei”

  1. Thank you Armand :-)! Hope you had a good weekend.

    And ‘Likers’, thank you for liking, it means a lot to me!


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