Dead Things Don’t Rise


“Dead Things Don’t Rise” was originally written for something else but then someone told me about the sub call for this anthology.  Oddly enough, my story was exactly what they were looking for and I loved the title of the antho, so I submitted DTDR.

What inspired me to write the story was a photo someone sent me. It was an erotic, full nude, full gore zombie girl with striking red hair. From that photo, “Dead Things Don’t Rise” was spawned. 

The main character David is based on all the drunken, stumbling nights I’ve had and he’s named after my buddy David F.  Dave was the first person to talk to me the morning I was trying to come up with a name for the main character.

I love mixing erotica and horror, so this story was right up my psychotically perverted alleyway. While the two genres shouldn’t mix as well as they do in my mind, I think if it’s done right, a writer can totally pull off writing a great horrotica story.

It seems I’ve also managed to write in some comedy, as told Jake E in a recent review of “Dead Things Don’t Rise.”

“I decided to spotlight my absolute favorites in this anthology, and ‘Dead Things Don’t Rise” by Mandy DeGeit had me laughing out loud. The story begins with our drunken narrator stumbling home and taking a shortcut through the cemetery. Luck will have it he staggers into what he thinks is another drunk, this one a cold, yet horny girl, ready for some dirty lovin’. This tale holds a fascinating mix of both hot and gross.” 

Hot and gross. That is exactly what I was aiming for…

 Authorshot 2013

Mandy DeGeit, hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada is awesome, outspoken and spends most of her money on tattoos and traveling. When not writing, she’s thinking about what to write next. You can find out what she’s up to at:





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