So people often ask me how I got into the horror business, and I always have to admit that I am not sure how.  I was never the type to love Nightmare on Elm Street, or want to go to Knott’s Scary Farm (it’s in California, look it up!), but I did always love Halloween itself.  The thought of being someone else for a whole day has always intrigued me. But I haven’t wanted to be a writer or horror lover my whole life.

Growing up, I was a dancer, ballerina style.  I was always pretending to be someone else.  Put on a costume, send me on stage, and I would shine.  I did this and taught for a long time, until I had to quit for reasons that still hurt.  So naturally, I needed to find a creative outlet.

After leaving my beloved art, I decided to finish my degree.  I needed another English credit, but I did not want to take World Literature again.  You can only read and analyze Beowulf so many times. So I took Creative Writing.  I finally found my new outlet.

Writing is a wonderful way to express yourself.  You can ignore reality, you can face reality, and you can face fears that you would not otherwise face.  For me, it was abuse that I was receiving. My characters were able to fight back in a way that I could not do in real life.  One thing led to another and I met a group of writers online, some of whom I am still friends with today.

After the website disbanded due to lack of funding, one of my friends found a place for us to submit stories as a contest.  So we did, and got on the email list of this publication.  Not too many weeks later, the publisher put out a call for editors.  I told him that I wasn’t much for editing (apparently I lied, since I do a lot of editing now) but his website needed serious help.  He agreed and “hired” me to help out with technical stuff.  From there, I took on the e-mag, then the blog contests, the special projects, and now am the managing editor of the whole shebang! Viola, I am now a someone in the horror world.

What? Horror? Me? Seriously?  I don’t think I have ever written about a zombie, a vampire, a ghost, or any other unearthly being up until that point.  But I started to look closer at my writing, and what exactly horror is.  It isn’t about the zombie, the vampire or the monster.  It’s about what that monster represents.  My monsters just happen to be human.  Psychological monsters.  Coming though all this and reading 5000 stories (OK, I might be exaggerating) every month, I have come to love all those monsters and what they represent for each author.

So, since I am never satisfied, I am now also the co-owner of another publishing company; this one not saturated in horror. It’s a different change to have to switch the mind from one world to another one. I have become so ingrained in the “horror” mindset that sometimes I have to stop and just enjoy a story for what it is and not look for the sick demented twist.

As if that isn’t enough, my partner has joined creative forces with another and by default, I am now partial owner of the up-and-coming magazine, Revolt Daily.  It is definitely different for me since it steps into the counter-culture that I have never been a part of before.

So, let’s recap.  I am the co-publisher/managing editor of Dark Moon Digest (http://www.darkmoonbooks.com/Dark_Moon_Digest_Home.htm) and Dark Eclipse (http://www.darkmoonbooks.com/dark_eclipse.htm), the co-owner/CFO/layout guru of Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing,(www.perpetualpublishing.com) and now the CFO/layout pain in the ass of Revolt Daily.(www.revoltdaily.org)  Not to mention, I am now a published novelist, and one of my stories is in a Bram Stoker Nominated Anthology.  Top it all off with the fact that I found my perfect other half and have never been happier.  All due to writing, and horror.


Lori Michelle is the crazy freak she described before.  Her novel, Dual Harvest,(www.dualharvest.com) has received many great reviews.  She urges all of you to pick up a Dark Moon Digest, a Dark Eclipse, or a copy of her all female anthology, Mistresses of the Macabre.( http://www.amazon.com/Mistresses-Macabre-Lori-Michelle/dp/0988556952/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1365567188&sr=8-1&keywords=Mistresses+of+the+Macabre)  In addition to all her publishing craziness, she lives in a house with her significant other, a teenager, a wild 5 year old, a dog, a cat, and a gerbil. Make sure to stay tuned, since in September, she will be releasing an anthology where the proceeds will go to the Children’s Cancer Fund.  You can check out her infrequently updated blog(www.lorimichelleauthor.com), but you will typically find her hanging out on Facebook(www.facebook.com/lorimichelleauthor)