Guest Blog: Laura J. Hickman

Out With A Bang

Last year at KillerCon in Las Vegas I was talking to Stacey Turner of Angelic Knight Press, a woman I completely admire and now have been lucky enough to work with on Fifty Shades of Decay told me, “We’re doing a Zombie Erotica anthology, you should submit.”

            My first thought was, “I don’t write zombies.”  I really don’t.  I am more of a “what horrors man can do to man” writer.  I laughed at the thought, but then the first thought that popped into my head was a bitchy cheerleader who can’t find anybody to have sex with due to the zombies.  The truth is, with the first thought of a cheerleader, a girl I knew in college came to mind, so I shambled with it (zombie humor.)

            I had no idea where the story would go, what would happen in it, until I started writing it.  I realized as I wrote this poor girl, Daisy, the main character who had such darkness in her heart and it actually made her more realistic. 

            Looking back on writing the story, “Out With A Bang”, I actually had fun writing the erotica and the zombies, which allowed me to not worry about the fact I was (gasp) writing erotica. 

            However I will be honest, I told my Mother she NEVER will be allowed to read the story.

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Laura J. Hickman spends her life writing and creating new worlds.  She has recently moved to the New England area, but spent the majority of her life in both New Orleans and Las Vegas.  She has had stories published in numerous places, including Necon E-books, Pill Hill Press and 6 Sentences. 

Her time spent in numerous places has helped her writing grow and has found inspiration in everything from the Florida Beaches, to the haunted streets of the French Quarter to the sin filled casinos of Las Vegas. 

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Fifty Shades of Decay



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