Guest Blog: Daisy-Rae Kendrick

Beautiful Music
Music has always been a huge part of my life. I performed on stage from a young age, singing and dancing and once I grew up and had my four sons they took baton, all having musical talents. I still sing in a choir and perform regularly. So, when I saw this call out I felt that I had to write something with a musical bent. The challenge here was obviously the zombie factor. I have been writing horror for a while but had never yet made zombies sexy. I was eager to rise to the challenge and set to work writing a romance between a piano teacher and his student. As I wrote I imagined Mary-Ann and Toby living in London in  the early 1900’s, where she, a shy girl in her 20’s tries to keep her growing feeling of love for her tutor a secret for fear of rejection. I then needed to inject the passion and eroticism of the brief so I drew on one of my favourite scenes in one of my all time favourite movies “Pretty Woman”. Julia Roberts’ character goes to find Richard Gere in the hotel where they are staying and finds him playing piano for strangers in the bar. He then dismisses everyone and makes passionate love to Roberts right there on the piano. That scene, although short, is the start of their love that grows throughout the film. I wanted Toby and Mary-Ann to experience that even though they only had a limited time to live. I hope that the love, passion, sex and gross factor is balanced out and that you enjoy the story.
Me at Rushton 
Daisy-Rae Kendrick is a pseudonym used by English author Julie R Kendrick. She has been writing short stories for a few years has had many of her horror and thriller stories published in anthologies in the US and UK. She is currently working on 2 novels, one a paranormal romance and the other a crime thriller for Young Adults.
You can read Julie’s blog here at
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Fifty Shades of Decay

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