Guest Blog: Chad P. Brown

First Time

First off, I’ll admit that writing a zombie erotica story was the most difficult story I’ve ever written. It was so challenging that I actually wrote four different stories, ranging from the obscenely erotic to the mildly erotic. In the end, I chose to submit “First Time” because I figured it would be less sexual than the other submissions and also because of the personal inspiration behind the story.
The personal inspiration for “First Time” stems from my own experience of losing my wife fifteen years ago. Anyone who has lost a loved one, especially unexpectedly, knows full well the feelings of grief, anger, hopelessness, and even self-blame that accompany such an event. Those feelings go away eventually, but it does take time to heal and move on.
During that period of mourning, you would also be willing to do anything to get that person back. But what if that person came back as a zombie? Would you still be capable of loving them? Could you kill them even if it meant saving yourself? Would you be willing to become one of the undead just to be with them?
Those are the issues I addressed in my sentimental and mildly erotic story “First Time.” Hopefully, readers enjoy it even though it isn’t as sexual in nature as the other stories.
author pic Chad
Chad P. Brown was born in Huntington, WV. Once he outgrew his childhood fears of haunted houses, clowns, and toy monkeys with cymbals (although the monkeys still creep him out a little bit), he discovered a dark love for writing. He is an Affiliate member of the Horror Writers Association and holds a Master’s in Latin from Marshall University. He has appeared in the anthologies SPIDERS, Gothic Blue Book Vol. 2 – Revenge Edition, and Fifty Shades of Decay. His other works include The Jack-in-the-box, Messiah of the Zombie Apocalypse, and the recently released The Pumpkin House.
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Fifty Shades of Decay

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