Guest Blog: Armand Rosamilia

The River

Fine, I know you can’t guest blog on your own damn blog, but I’m writing a post about my story in the For The Night Is Dark anthology, and since I’m posting everyone else’s personal stories about their tale, I decided to keep it to the same format. Hence… guest blog. Besides, I have the microphone…

The idea for “The River,” like most stories, came from a mash-up of ideas over time. It’s no secret I’m a Jersey boy, and with that means I’m a Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen fan. The Bruce song “The River” was always a tale of caution, especially when I was in high school, since it spoke about going from a shitty life to a shittier life, and how you just go through the motions and deal with it. Luckily, I never knocked anyone up and had to get married and get a dead end job. Oh, wait… the dead end jobs did happen.

As a horror author I am never happy, even when I’m in a gorgeous place. I remember hanging out with a good friend at this beautiful park, overlooking a river. While she talked about how gorgeous a day it was, I stared out to the middle and wondered what evil lurked just under the surface, watching us. 

I hate going in the ocean. Ever since seeing Jaws as a kid, I won’t go in past my knees. I will never go into a river or lake. I’ve seen Lake Placid. The water freaks me out. It’s not a phobia, it’s just uneasiness about what lies under the surface and what you can’t see. 

“The River” has that eerie feeling (I hope). I tried to get the hopeless Bruce feel to it as well as the horror of the unknown. Add in darkness, a child who might or might not know how completely shitty his life is and will be, and there you have it.


Armand Rosamilia is a New Jersey currently living in sunny Florida, where he hacks up the bodies of his victims and boils them in a nice wine sauce, adding just a touch of oregano and salt. Never use too much salt. 

Find him at his blog… which you are already on, so I won’t give you the link again. 

Buy all his books on Amazon NOW:

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For The Night Is Dark

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