Guest Blog: Shaun Meeks

Body Bag


When I first heard about the submission call for Fifty Shades of Decay, I was sure there was no way I would be able to come up with anything for it.  I normally don’t write zombie stories, but the ones I do write tend to be a little different than the norm.  I also tend to steer clear of sex in my stories, never mind trying my hand at erotica.  Then, I was talking to someone a few days after about how there seems to be a fetish for nearly anything you can imagine.  There are people that look at what society calls ugly, and they are aroused by it.  They seek out deformity, the bizarre, and feel a calling to what most in society would see as abnormal.  There are people that are drawn to things that they can’t have or that society tells them they should want.  Eventually the conversation came around to necrophilia and how some people won’t go so far as to have sex with the dead, but will get their partner to lay in an ice bath until they are cold enough to feel dead in order to get pleasure from the experience.  That brought up a sick joke my partner had told me once, as she knew someone that did this.  She said, “It must be hard to bring that up for the first time, to ask your lover to get in an ice bath then play dead.  I wonder if they start and then if the person playing dead gets into it and starts moving and moaning and the guy had to say, ‘Hey, can you stop.  The dead don’t say no, but they also don’t say yes.’  This was hilarious to me and I thought, what if that was something someone started to want?  A dead body that could say yes, could enjoy the sex and get off from it.  And then, the story Body Bag was spawned.

The idea that someone, especially people that have already dabbled in necrophilia, would seek out the living dead for sex made sense for this story.  They get to have the same sensations, only with a moving partner, one that can react.  It seemed like the next logical step in that person’s experience.

The other element I wanted to add to the story, even though it is not a huge part of it, is the men who run the rooms.  We all know that sex sells, it’s one of the largest industries in the world if not the biggest.  With that in mind, the idea that there would be people holding these zombies and using them to make money, prostituting them out to anyone that wanted to visit that dark fetish, seemed plausible.  These would be the same type of people involved in the underground sex slavery trade and many other shady dealings.

All in all, though the story is a zombie erotica tale, there is a social commentary running just under the decayed surface, as it should.

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Shaun Meeks lives in Toronto, Ontario with his partner, model, corsetiere and burlesque performer, Mina LaFleur, where they run their  company, L’Atelier de LaFleur.  Shaun is a member of the Horror Writers Association and his recent work has appeared in The Best of Dark Eclipse, Zombies Gone Wild, A Feast of Frights from The Horror Zine, Fifty Shades of Decay, Zippered Flesh 2, Dark Light 3 and his own collections At the Gates of Madness & Brother’s Ilk. His novel, Shutdown is due out this year. Visit him at

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Fifty Shades of Decay



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