Reblog: “For The Night Is Dark” anthology is out and I’m in it!

Exquisite Corpse

It’s been a good week for me in terms of anthology releases (and chocolate consumption). April 1 saw the launch of For the Night is Dark, a horror anthology from new South Africa-based small press Crystal Lake Publishing, owned and operated by Joe Mynhardt. There are four authors who appear in both For the Night is Dark and The Demonologia Biblica: Willie Meikle, Daniel I. Russell, Mark West and myself. This is despite the only other connection between the two anthologies being that of genre.

I know Daniel is having a good time of it career-wise in general, with his novella Critique being shortlisted for the Australian Shadows Award for Best Long Fiction. Perhaps Willie and Mark could stop by the blog and let us know if they have any supplementary good news.

But enough about us. How about this shiny new anthology, eh?

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  1. Thanks, Armand!


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