Reblog: A Steampunk story by Armand Rosamilia!

I am featured today on the Celebration Station! Railroad website by Tonia Brown. This Steampunk tale was written for my daughter Katelynn, and Tonia liked it enough to publish it. Someday I will write more in this world, I hope…

4 Responses to “Reblog: A Steampunk story by Armand Rosamilia!”

  1. Very cool. I haven’t completely submerged myself in the Steampunk world yet. My daughter likes it and I did see 2 movies she has – The City of Lost Children was excellent. I have some books qued up in my amazon list. BTW, like your webpage design.


  2. I am looking forward to more in that world. You really excel at short stories, that’s a hard genre for me.


    • I created the story just for fun, because my youngest complained nothing I wrote she could read until she was in her thirties (she’s really sarcastic – no idea where she gets it)… I liked it and the world so much I decided to see if I could get it published, and hope to do more of the stories in the future



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