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Reblog: Interview with Brent Abell


Separating My Facebook Friends


I’ve been on this slow re-evaluation when it comes to Facebook and what it really means to me. On one hand, I like the instant egotistical gratification that when I post something amazing and/or stupid I can get 100+ likes and 35+ comments on it, no matter if it’s about plain or peanut M&M’s or some bogus quote from Morgan Freeman.

On the other hand, my actual career (I’m a writer, by the way!) sometimes gets lost in the shuffle, buried under Slayer videos and talking about Thug Life and what I ate for breakfast (nothing so far today, but I’ll let you know).

I have a Fan Page, which I hardly ever use… but I think I am going to make a concerted effort to use it asap. I guess the easiest goal would be to push everyone over to it and then keep it real but not too serious, letting everyone know about my latest projects and my latest writing ideas.

My Fan Page

It is then the goal to cut down my normal Facebook page to a decent amount of people. I have 4,600+ friends and it’s just way too many people. My status feed becomes a blur, with so many posts I barely have time to read them. And I keep missing cool stuff unless I’m tagged in it.

And what’s the point, really? Sure, it is an ego stroke (and you know damn well I have a big one, real or imagined) but Facebook only slows me down. I talk to a select few people online, and the rest becomes noise.

Over the course of the next few weeks I will begin to cull the friend’s list. If I grew up with you, met you in person or have some type of working relationship with you, consider yourself not going anywhere. If you don’t actually like me or are bored and/or sick of my bullshit, feel free to drop me. If you want to know more about my upcoming book releases and things of that nature, join the Fan Page and I will thank you.

Maybe I can then get more work done, or find another lame excuse to waste hours each day… who knows, but I’m not going to do it on Facebook all day every day from now on.

Armand Rosamilia


Reblog: Ren Black and her Greatest Fear as a Writer

The New Authors Fellowship

revising HallAt least as far as my books are concerned, I think the biggest fear that drives me is actually throwing in the towel too early.

Potential is great except when you short sell it. The feeling of promise is one thing, the potential of it going somewhere. But when it doesn’t deliver on that promise, it’s just disappointing because “it could have been great.”

It’s probably the biggest issue with the contemplation of self-publishing. I’ve seen too many books where it seemed the author got impatient. Or, I watched the author rush for the finish line of publication.

I’ve read books that had great ideas, and intriguing, but in the end they let up the pressure and left me with coal instead of the chance of a diamond.

That desire to be true to the potential has kept me at it for years, enabled me to toss the entire draft…

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Proud To Be A Geek


I’m sitting here in my usual spot in Java Joint, writing about zombies and wearing my Save Death Metal T-shirt, my Oakland Raiders hat on backward and with sunglasses propped on top and my goatee all kindsa crazy.

If you had to look at me you’d think I was a biker dude, or maybe a wannabe pro wrestler, or just plain sexy. Or all three.

But I am a geek, first and foremost.


Sure, I’m a Metalhead and write about horror and zombies, but I’m also the guy in high school with the mullet who played Dungeons & Dragons all weekend instead of chasing the girls… not that many of them even noticed me. Sure, I had a girlfriend and even had sex in my senior year, but I look back and think I was more interested in being the greatest DungeonMaster above all else.


I also collected comic books, but only Marvel Comics. I was never a DC Comics fan, although I had a few hundred in my massive collection. Whenever I watched Big Bang Theory with my mom around she would remark ‘Look, that was you in high school, with all your goofy friends.’ And it was. My buddy Dan had filing cabinets filled with comics, and we’d spend many Wednesdays pouring over the new books out and the local comic book shop holding issues for us so we didn’t miss a thing.

I read a lot in high school, too, and I still do. This was me:


I still walk around quoting stupid comedies and I can recite huge parts of Jaws at will.

Does all this make me a geek?

God, I hope so. Now, back to looking tough and writing about zombies…


Reblog: A Steampunk story by Armand Rosamilia!


I am featured today on the Celebration Station! Railroad website by Tonia Brown. This Steampunk tale was written for my daughter Katelynn, and Tonia liked it enough to publish it. Someday I will write more in this world, I hope…

“Metal Queens: Models 2” Coming Soon! \m/


I’ve decided, after a nearly two year hiatus, to release a second Metal Queens: Models book via Carnifex Metal Books. I haven’t put anything out by the imprint in way too long, and the Metal Queens Monthly series got lost in the shuffle.

With my horror writing career takng off in the last 18 months or so, quite a few projects I loved but didn’t make enough money to sustain fell to the wayside, including this series, which captures not only interviews but some amazing photography with Females into Heavy Metal music, whether they are professional alternative models, amateurs trying to turn pro, or women who do it for the sheer fun of it.

This was always a fun project, not to make a ton of money, but more to promote the models and photographers who share a love of Heavy Metal. I’m happy to finally be able to get back to it, even if it might end up being another one-shot for the next year.

So, if you know any females that fit into what I’m searching for, feel free to contact them and pass along the word for me… I hope to once again have a great selection of Metal Queens for you to read about and see!


Fashion & portrait

Guilty: I write about Zombies but no longer watch The Walking Dead


I got into a little argument the other day with someone while I was writing at the Java Joint… I go there every morning, Monday through Friday, grab my reserved seat and plug in the laptop, and write. I love the coffee and the food, and the waitresses and waiter are awesome to chat with, and they love talking me up to customers.

But when I mention I write about zombies, most people immediately ask what my thoughts on this season of The Walking Dead are. I usually put it off and say something dodgy like I haven’t caught up this season yet I’ve been so busy, or I’ll watch the rest in one shot this weekend.

But I probably won’t.

It isn’t like I’m not a fan of the show, because I watched from the first episode of season one and was hooked. I loved it. I considered myself a big fan, and even sat through the (mostly) pointless fanfest that followed, Talking Dead. But since I moved last September I have rarely watched television. My 52 inch TV isn’t even plugged in in my bedroom right now. I could care less, to be honest, about anything having to do with television.

But I always feel like I need to lie about it and say I watch. I have no idea why. So, the other day, when asked, I politely said I hadn’t watched this season at all. Not even seen a preview of it, a commercial… nothing. I had no immediate plans to rent it, youtube it, watch it, etc.

And the guy (in his late twenties, I’m guessing) asked how I could be a good writer of zombie fiction if I didn’t know what was out there…


I pointed out I was currently reading Mutated by Joe McKinney and Skin Trade by Tonia Brown. Had he read them? Nope. He had no clue what I was talking about. I said I was well-versed in The Walking Dead up until this season, and I was more interested in reading about zombies than seeing them on the small screen. He said I was out of touch with zombie fans.

Really? Out of touch? I smiled (I really wished I was twenty years younger, so I could drag his skinny ass outside and beat him and dunk him in the ocean with glee) and told him to give one of my stories a try and see what he thought once he’d read it. His answer? He could see The Walking Dead for free on TV. Why should he buy my book? I asked him how he’d made such a score by getting his cable for free and he looked confused and left. I wasn’t trying to be an ass to him (OK, maybe a little) but I wonder how many people think this way when it comes to books and movies about zombies?

Will the average The Walking Dead fan read a zombie book now they’ve been immersed in the series so many seasons if they’d never read a zombie book before, or was it a different customer entirely? I wonder how many zombie readers came into it because of the series? I wonder…



Reblog: Vixie’s Stories: Words with… Armand Rosamilia


I am featured on a great website, Vixie’s Stories, and I talk about so many exciting things you might want to read only a few lines a day to pace yourself…


Carl R. Moore and Poets

The Crimes of Heaven and Hell

Been working hard on the rewrite. My head has been spinning from echoes of advice from admired writers, things I’ve read and heard uttered. I’ve taken it all into consideration during this time I’ve been hunting down the true focus and theme for this first installment of the series for which Slash of Crimson was but the prelude.

And so, while the final details of this climax jackrabbit around and tease the hunter’s aim, I’d like to share a few things about this process and some thoughts about a poet whose work has always inspired useful thoughts about the writing process.

I’ve often heard enthusiasts for literary realism decry William Butler Yeats as a bit of an ideological William Blake spin-off. Granted a more musical, more rhythmic and concise spin-off, but many still consider him an impractical dreamer. Oft quoted poem “The Second Coming” describes the doom of a century as a…

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Another great lesson from Robert Chazz Chute for the rest of us!

C h a z z W r i t e s . c o m

Rules? For renegades and free thinkers? Isn’t suggesting blog comment etiquette for people like us antithetical to our natures? No. Even badasses like us have a code we live by. The modern Ronin do not have lords we serve, but in our hearts, we are still Samurai. The Internet is the Old West, but even Texas had expectations of how people should conduct themselves in public.

What spurred this post

Sometimes I notice comments that afflict bloggers. This isn’t about me, by the way, you’re all awesome. However, those negative commenters irritate me. I’m not talking about Internet trolls. Trolls should be ignored completely. I define a troll as anyone who says something nasty enough that, without the protection of anonymity and distance, they’d be walking away from the conversation with a bloody nose.

Today I’m talking about nasty people who think they’re contributing to a conversation but mostly they’re stirring up…

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Guest Blog – Will Millar


Sulawesi, Land of Nightmares

A Guest Post by Will Millar


Hi, my name is Will Millar and I recently wrote a Horror story called Infernal Machines. If you’re interested in checking it out it’s available at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I’d like to thank the excellent Armand Rosamilia for letting me come by and hijack his site for a little while, and while I’m at it, thanks to you for taking a few minutes to read my fevered rant.

It’s quite obvious that Mother Nature hates us. And I’m not talking about that quiet seething hatred you may encounter from time to time when you crash a dinner party and everybody is just too gosh-darned polite to ask you to leave (or is that just me?). No, this is the crazy, jabbering breed of hatred that a homeless lunatic might have for the guy who stole his imaginary pet dragon. If you have any doubts about this, look no further than the Indonesian Isle of Sulawesi, where scientists have recently discovered some new and objectively terrifying level-ups to some of the most common animals on earth.

For example, the Sulawesi Babirusa is a wild pig that is fairly common in this region. While the males tend to travel solo, the wimmin’ and chillun’ will sometimes travel in packs numbering close to 100. The males can grow up to 100 kilograms (that’s 220 lbs for us non-communists) and run at a top speed of 35 mph.

Oh and there’s this:             

sulawesi babirusa

That second pair of tusks is not only the most WTF set of secondary teeth you’ll see outside of the Alien franchise; if left unchecked, they will curve right back into the boar’s skull, pierce his brain and kill him. So, to recap, they are a massive, fast-as-hell breed of omnivore with a built-in biological imperative to destroy as much stuff as possible, as often as possible.

If pigs aren’t your thing, that’s okay. Say hi to the Garuda Wasp –

 garuda wasp

About roughly the size of a small hummingbird, these fellows are characterized by an unusually thick, armor-like exoskeleton rendering them almost impossible to squoosh. Also, their massive mandibles – which they tend to wrap around their heads when not in use – are twice as long as their front forelegs. There’s just something a little too horrifying for words about a species that will wear its own jaws as some sort of jaunty scarf, but then again what can you say about an animal whose venom is well-documented at turning some of its victims into zombies?

But, for me at least, this is the true face of horror:

 fanged frog

That’s not a snake, it’s one of 9 species of fanged frogs that scientists have found recently around Sulawesi. Or, to be more accurate, one of 9 species of rapidly adapting fanged frogs that are taking over the island. This is, and has been the stuff of my nightmares ever since I saw this as a kid:

 frogs movie

At least in the movie, they had the decency to not give the things goddamn fangs, but Mother Nature has no such compunctions, on account of – like I said earlier – she totally hates us.

Anyway, that’s about all I got for now. Thanks again for letting me stop by, and please by all means check out Infernal Machines, which for the record has no killer animals at all. I may try that someday in a different book, if we’re not all slaughtered by some sort of flying wasp/pig/frog hybrid by then.