Is Zombie Lit Dying?

Reblogged from Rick Hipson’s Dark Bites blog… a post from Armand Rosamilia

3 Responses to “Is Zombie Lit Dying?”

  1. What I love about zombie literature is that its also apocalyptic and horror also. It’s all about characters (which you do well) with the hurdle of zombies placed against struggles of the characters lives. While zombies may fade out with hype, apocalyptic novels have never died out, people want an escape from their real world, and wonder if they’d survive a world changing event so readers find an alternative in your and many other words.

    All in my not so humble opinion…


  2. Very interesting parallel indeed, guys. I for one love apocalyptic tales and believe that zombies are really just an extension of this type of universe. I’m sure in a world that changes its self so rapidly and forces us to watch so many ideas and things die or become obsolete only to be replaced again, that the notion of any type of apocalypse and zombie lore can be related to by just about anyone these days, at least in theory.


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