I’m not a writing guru or someone who thinks he’s found some magic formula or solution to this crazy writing world, but I received not one, but two! Count ’em two! requests this morning from websites for some of my secrets on how I write so much each day, each week, each month and each year.

Of course I’ll do the interviews, because I am a media whore and I absolutely love doing interviews, radio and podcast interviews, guest blogs and anything to get my name (brand) out there without a constant barrage of Me! Me! Me! on this blog, Facebook and Twitter. Oh, I’ll still be out there, but I like it much better when I’m using someone else’s forum to do it. I hope it helps them gain new readers who follow me around, and I hope I find new readers who read their blog. Win-win, and all that.

I know I’ll have to do the interviews in my funny and clever way (OK, fine… I think they are funny and clever answers) but I know the simple answer might not be the sexiest one to the question Why Do I Write So Much And Every Day, Like A Machine?


That’s it. I don’t have the luxury of a steady paycheck each week, or a Sugar Mama or an inheritance, and I’m too lazy to rob banks or steal. Every piece of food my kids eat, every gallon of gas put into the crappy Kia I drive and every banana bread beer I drink (gotta cut down in 2013) comes directly from my writing money.

And my frenzied pace comes from the fact I don’t know where it is coming from, when I’ll get my next sale or my next royalty check or my Amazon money or the next contract for something big like Miami Spy Games.

So I keep on writing and creating and putting out as many quality stories as I can and hope someone out there takes their time to read one and loves it enough to read all of them.

But the Fear drives the Writing Frenzy and helps me to get off my fat ass and sit down and write, and stop worrying about TV shows and sports and problems (now, if I could teach it to let me forget about eating so much…).

I love a looming deadline, and love to hit my 2,000 word a day goal before lunch and feel like I’ve accomplished something. And I love my job. I wouldn’t trade this for that steady $650 a week paycheck and 65 hours of retail management work and the mind-numbing it entails.

But the Writing Pace I set needs to be respected, and needs to be beaten each and every day in 2013. And I live in the constant Fear of my job.

Armand Rosamilia