I hate New Year’s Resolutions because, well, they suck. By this time next year I’ll still be fat, I’ll still be a bag of M&M’s away from a heart attack, and I will still be an asshole in many ways. Real life sucks, although I do have some basic things I’d like to settle this year in my non-writing life, including:

1. Enough with the total douchebag Facebook posts and the arrogant shit. In case you didn’t guess, I am actually quite insecure and do the Andrew Dice Clay version of me online in order to not get too close or get hurt. Yeah, yeah, I like chicks with big asses in thongs. But enough about it already.

2. I want to fall in love. There, I said it. But not online and not in a fantasy. I want to find someone who lives close to me, gets me, and loves me for me. I don’t want to change, I’m too damn old and set in my ways. And I don’t want a woman who I don’t 100% completely love everything about her. She’s out there, she’s damn close, and I intend to not blow it by being a douchebag on Facebook or in real life.

3. Keeping the great small group of friends I’ve amassed over the last few months. Without getting all weepy (and without Tim Baker being a douchebag to me for it), I just want to thank the aformentioned Tim, David, Jill, Tiki, Christa, Ky, Lisa, Kim, Man Child, Jenny, Ambroz, Cesar, Bethany, Colleen, Brewski and everyone else I get to hang out with in European Village and beyond…


 When it comes to my writing career, I seem to do much better… so these are my goals for 2013 and my writing:

1. I want to keep up my great writing pace of 2,000 words per day, but allow for some lapses, some editing days, and days I give it a break. So 10,000 words a week is my goal, which translates into 520,000 words written in 2013.

2. I want to release at least 26 books/short stories in 2013, but not all by myself. My goal is to get my longer pieces out there to other publishers and find new fans, while keeping my great core of fans around and ready for the next release. 26 means one new story/novella/novel every two weeks, and I think it is manageable.

3. I want to blog more often (like doing a new post every day for the first 31 days in 2013 as a start), but also spend more time helping out fellow authors I like, trying to help the community, and being more generous with my time as far as reading other author’s works and promoting them.

That’s enough for now… I might add a few more things as the year moves along, but I think I can manage those to begin with…

Now, where did I put that bag of M&M’s?

Armand Rosamilia