Three Favorite Tales I’ve Written

Someone asked me yesterday about my favorite stories or books, but when I started mentioning a couple (Watership Down, The Road, The Shadow Over Innsmouth) they wanted to know what were my own favorite stories I’d written. 

I thought it was a cool question, and decided to blog about it… and I’ll also be asking some of my writerly type friends to do the same thing, so look for a few guest blogs coming up in the near future, asking the same question… 

Three Favorite Tales I’ve Written…

1. “Cthulhunicorn”, the bonus story in the first Keyport Cthulhu release Ancient. It is co-written with my then-11 year old daughter Katelynn and combines her love of unicorns with my worship of Cthulhu. It might not be the greatest story I’ve ever written, but it was the most fun to write. And getting to share what you do for a living with your child was priceless. And the fact, after a few hours of writing it, she said she didn’t realize how hard it was to write a story. And then looked at the shelf with all my releases proudly displayed and laughed. 


2. Tool Shed, my horror novella released by Angelic Knight Press. If you have read a large sampling of my work, you’ll notice this one (which I like to think of as traditional horror) is a bit different from my zombie books, or anything else I’d written. The ideas was started years ago, and updated several times. It was just a fun story to write, and it still has my favorite opening line of anything I’ve ever written… 


3. Miami Spy Games (Episode One), my spy thriller zombie gun beginning to the series (13 shorts in total). I went into the series which trepidation, since this was a subgenre I’d never written in, but the zombies helped, even thoughthey aren’t traditional zombies I usually write. When the three main characters were given life, it was like old friends I hadn’t seen in so long. I knew these people, and it’s never felt like I was forcing them to do anything. They literally write themselves. Or figuratively. Whatever. 

Miami Spy Games Epi 1 Cover 253x391

Think about your favorite stories you’ve written and why… and then feel free to contact me, because I’d love for you to write it up properly, give me and potential readers some insight, and garner some new fans.


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    Here’s some thoughts from my friend and collaborator Armand Rosamilia on which of his stories are his favorites…it’s a question all writers are asked eventually.


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