Updated 2012 Goals

I posted my 2012 Goals the other day and decided to update ya a bit on them, since I’ve had a good week so far with my writing… So, without further ado… whatever that really means… 

1. I turned in Part 7 of Miami Spy Games this week. The goal is 13 of them, and then the long-term goal is to do another 13 of them… and then another 13… you get the idea. But in order to finish the first series by New Years, I need to finish about one 7,500 word story per week. That seems easy enough… 

So far, so good, because I handed in Part 8 last night. I’ll dive right into Part 9 today, with the goal of getting them done by Friday each week. Shouldn’t be a problem, since these characters write themselves. 

2. “Cabal”, the third story in the Keyport Cthulhu series, really really really needs to be finished. I’m actually about halfway there with 3,750 words, so I might work this over a weekend and get it finished. And then start in on the last two stories, “Dagon” and “Evil”. Again, easy enough…

I finished “Cabal” and it’s already being edited by no less than three writers I admire and do great jobs helping me out with stuff like this. I also ended up really liking the story, which ties into the first two parts so far. I’ll be starting “Dagon”, the fourth installment, this coming week. 

3. My Chelsea Avenue novel (65,000 words) is languishing halfway through an edit, and I’d love to finish it and get it shopped to a publisher in the new year. I need to find the time to make this a priority. But editing your work is akin to pulling your own hair out. I’m short on hair right now. 

Haven’t even looked at it, although I did an IM chat ‘elevator pitch’ of the story to someone this past week and they are interested in seeing it already, so that is a good sign. Unless I never finish it, of course. 

4. There are several Dying Days zombie projects to finish… First, Dying Days: The Siege Of European Village I’m co-authoring with author Tim Baker is flying along nicely. We’ll actually be writing a large chunk of it today, so I’m happy. We’re about 13,500 words into it and our goal is to have it completed, edited and for sale by Christmas. Again, easy enough… 

Tim Baker and I finished writing the novella last weekend. We did a session on Black Friday and then the Saturday and ended up with over 22,000 words. Not bad at all, and I hope we can co-author another project in the future, because the experience was outstanding. 

euro d2 copy

5. Dying Days: Origins, featuring our favorite fiery redhead Tosha Shorb, needs to be finished as well. I’m only about 8,000 words into it in a planned 25,000 word story, so I need to make up some ground. I’d love to have this out in early 2013 and then start on the next one, Dying Days: Origins 2, featuring David Monsour. 

I’d love to write something on this one soon, because I have quite a few ideas for it. But we’ll see… 

6. Dying Days 3… yes, there will be a third installment. I already have the basic story idea in my head and my goal is to write at least something on it before the year ends so I feel better about myself. It is, obviously, all about my feelings. 

Nothing on it this week, but now that I’ve just written this line I feel horrible, so my feelings will force me to start writing it. Again… all about my feelings. 

7. Dying Days Collection… I am planning on putting Darlene Bobich: Zombie Killer, Dying Days, Dying Days 2 and Still Dying: Select Scenes From Dying Daystogether in one big eBook release for the holidays. It will have a nice price to it and maybe some exclusive content or something. Who knows. Again, it is just about editing and putting it together. Again, easy enough…

I need to do this, and soon. What a slacker I’ve become… 

And there you have it! Another update. I was going to do those fancy strikethrough thingys but decided I like the color red better. Don’t ask me why. I hope to be knocking off athing or three on this list by this time next week. Wish me luck!

Armand Rosamilia

Lead Singer and Driver of the Winnebago

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