Interview with Brent Abell

Was the original idea for the story (even the original short story it is based on) so controversial a subject matter?
     -Not as much so.  In the first drafts, Andi was not new to the clinic and I made a comment about ‘getting in the stirrups to ride the death ride again and again’.  She wasn’t a very sympathetic character.  In the end of the first version, I almost cheered at the end.  The abortion angle always existed in the story, but most of the other things were added in later versions. 
Did you do any research about the pros and cons of abortions for the story?
     -I researched the protests, different proceedures, and I used some of my views in the book.  I’m not saying which ones are mine, but everyone needs to read it with an open mind.
Do you think the timing of the novella’s release, so close to the Presidential elections, will help or hurt book sales?
     -I don’t think it will have much of an impact.  Right now, a few weeks away from the election, most of the focus is on the economy, jobs, and our lack of foreign policy.  Since most other domestic policy issues have taken a backseat, a bump in sales would be a welcome surprise.
The story hints at a much bigger world you have yet to explore. Can we expect to see more of these characters in the future?
     -White Creek is a cursed town on cursed soil.  Something that transpiered when the town was founded set the stage for it to become a beacon for evil.  Chris and Roy will appear again and the good Father Dunhill is going to have a large role in the town’s future.  The three people targeted in the book were not by accident, he has a plan and is setting in motion events that will bring the town to the brink.
I got nothing. Add another question.
     -When will you finish “Southern Devils” and the other two novellas and one novel you have started?
     -Well, I’ll have more time in the next few months to pound the stories out.  I have a few shorts I’m looking at and putting together a short story collection proposal, but I really want to knock the novel out in November as part of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  I hope some big things are coming so stay tuned at!
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