Guest Blog – Jeff Freeman, Director of “Island of The Cannibal Death Gods”

Jeff Freeman’s feature debut… “Island of the Cannibal Death Gods”
is an homage to the drive-in horror films of the 60’s. A look back to when
times were simpler, horror was cheesier and audiences were actually scared of guys in rubber suits chasing bikini clad women around.

Freeman was motivated to make this film out of nostalgia for all the B-Horror
films he used to watch on Saturday mornings as a child. “My Saturday morning
viewing was very regimented. Loony Tunes and Scooby-Doo till 10am and then Creature Features till 1pm.” “With Island, I was trying to recapture a time where
you didn’t need complex CGI and over the top gore to make a horror movie…
or for that matter, a lot of money.”   –  Island on IMDB   –  Jeff Freeman on IMDB

What's Your Take?

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