“Miami Spy Games” Second Story Done (First Draft, anyway)

Sorry I haven’t been around online and on this blog too much, but there are many exciting things going on behind the scenes for me right now.

With the finalizing of a contract between Hobbes End Publishing and I for a thirteen-story arc for the Miami Spy Games – Zombie Russian Gun story, I’ve been busy with first getting all of the ducks lined up in a neat row, and then getting the main, broad-stroke ideas from both the publisher and AK Waters to keep on writing.

To that end, I completed the first draft of the second story, leading off where the first one did and following the further exploits of the ACES team – Jennifer Sanchez, Kostas and Mike Martin – and the guy in way over his head, Osvaldo “Ozzie” Rivera. There are a few new baddies on the horizon, and (I hope) a nice flow to the story like the first part.

The rough draft clocks in at about 8,500 words, and I submitted it this morning for Hobbes End Publishing to do their initial magic with it. I love these characters and story so much I am spending today doing the first part to the third story and a rough sketch for the third through fifth story already. I’m hoping to see an official release schedule from the publisher soon, and will pass that along. I’m assuming since we’re rolling again, a story part a week is likely.

I’ll try to keep everyone updated on where I stand with the series, as well as my other writing.

You can find the first story at Amazon.

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