“Miami Spy Games” FREE Today #spy #thriller

My latest release is the 8,000 word short story “Russian Zombie Gun – Part 1” in the Miami Spy Games series… it’s the introduction to what I hope is a long-term series… and today (Sunday September 2nd 2012) it is FREE to read! Miami Spy Games

Here is the description:

Miami, 2012. A new gun has made its way from a Russian science lab to the streets of Miami—a gun that destroys the executive functioning power of the brain, turning people into zombie-like beings.

The Miami Asymmetrical Clandestine Elite Service (ACES) team must intercept these weapons before they arrive at their intended destination.

Follow the Miami ACES team in their thrilling adventures in this new series.

Written by: Armand Rosamilia

Created by: AK Waters

*   *   *   *   *

People are asking me who AK Waters is. I haven’t met him. He’s a man of mystery. He created the Spy Games saga. Working with Hobbes End Publishing, they asked me to be a key writer on the series. AK is trained in anti-terrorism and asymetrical warfare. He’s been all over the world, S. America (Colombia, Panama mostly) as well as Iraq and Afghanistan. He was trained by the best in the world. He speaks Spanish, Russian and English. His mother was a KGB spy, his father a US Sub Captain. He’s grown up in the world of spies and espionage and has some stories to tell. Rumor has it Bruce Willis played the role of AK Waters in a true story in the movie Tears of The Sun.

Another question I am getting is about the supposed Russian Zombie Gun. We always consider zombies to have to do with viruses, but what if it’s something else? Is the zombie gun real? Do you believe what the government and news agencies are telling you about the actual Miami zombie attack? Do you think AK Waters knows the truth?

Read for yourself! Miami Spy Games

4 Responses to ““Miami Spy Games” FREE Today #spy #thriller”

  1. That sounds awesome. I have grabbed my copy and cannot wait to read it.


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