Guest Blog – Brian J. Jarrett

First, I’d like to thank Armand for graciously allowing me air time in his world and I’ll do my best not to waste any of your time. That said, I’d like to take this wonderful opportunity to tell you a little more about myself and some of my work.

I wrote my first short story in fifth grade, but didn’t really start writing seriously again until high school. I wrote some seriously terrible stuff, moving on to less terrible after getting a few years under my belt. After high school I wrote like crazy while entertaining notions of becoming a professional writer, but I never followed through. I stopped believing in myself and I gave up the dream.

Fast forward to 2010. I discovered the Kindle and learned that others were self-publishing on it. Inspired, I wrote a short story and then went to work on my second book, a viral zombie-apocalypse novel called “Into the Badlands”. Honestly, I never expected it to sell; I was just writing for the love of writing again (and happy to be doing so).

As it turned out the book did sell. Before I knew it I’d sold a couple thousand copies. Since September of last year I’ve sold nearly five thousand copies. The book is typically well-reviewed and sells a consistent four or five hundred copies a month.

After releasing a collection of both old and new short horror stories, I decided to write a new horror novel. I had this idea that had been bouncing around in my head for some time about a recently divorced man who moves to a small town to start his life over again, only to find out the town is bad news (of course). I released that book a couple of weeks ago. It’s called “The Desolate” and I think it’s my best writing to date.

As much as I love supernatural horror, this book just didn’t go that way. But even though the antagonist is very human, he is also very much a monster. At its core it’s a story about accepting who we are and realizing that simply changing the scenery won’t change what’s inside us. The Desolate unflinchingly follows a tortured soul as his paranoia and drinking spiral out of control, until he finally has to face up to some bitter truths. It’s dark, but hey, it’s a horror novel, after all.

Why horror? Because I love it and I think we should write what we love. I grew up on horror, it’s part of my DNA. I enjoy reading about the horrific, the macabre, the dark and the gruesome. When the lights go out, the fun begins.

I think just about all horror novels are thrillers, but certainly all thrillers are not horror. My hope is that with The Desolate I’ve succeeded in mashing up genres to create a horror-thriller. It’s fast-paced with a lot of action and it doesn’t pull any punches.

Thanks so much for your time. I hope you have a chance to check out The Desolate and my other books. And read Armand’s books! I just read “Barren” and it’s pretty damn scary.

“The Desolate” on Amazon:
“Into the Badlands” on Amazon:


5 replies to “Guest Blog – Brian J. Jarrett

    1. To me, horror has that something extra, that willingness to go to depths that many thrillers won’t. That said, the fast-paced and driving nature of the thriller makes for a quick and enjoyable read. Mixing those two qualities together seems like a no-brainer.

      Unfortunately I think readers can misunderstand horror and think it’s all just blood and guts. They don’t understand how much it has in common with the crime thrillers they love. In the end, they’re all psychological thrillers, some just darker than others.

      My hope is that writing books like The Desolate will help bridge the gap and bring more thriller readers into the horror genre.

      Great talking with you. Take care.


      1. Thanks a lot. I couldn’t agree with you more. I mean blood and guts is a part of horror, but it is not everything. I will certainly be adding The Desolate to my TBR pile


      2. You’re absolutely right. Good horror is about the psychological effects of fear; the blood and guts are just one tool in a writer’s toolbox. This is much different than torture porn; all the gore, none of the imagination.

        Thanks for the conversation; I love talking with folks who really enjoy horror. If you get a chance to read The Desolate I very much hope you enjoy it.

        Take it easy,


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