Want To Promote Fellow Horror/Thriller Authors

Yep, pretty simple. It won’t be some big, convoluted blog tour thing or a set day in mind, or just promoting the authors I am buddies with. I just want to give back. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a ton of great authors and bloggers over the years, and I love doing interviews and writing guest blogs and getting my name out there.

I decided, on a whim today, to give back a bit. I posted on Twitter:

If you are a #horror or #thriller #author I’d love to run a guest blog from you on my site. Because I like to help. DM me.

And the messages are rolling in, so I decided to post a quick word about it here. I’m looking for a roughly 500-word guest post about your latest release, or how you became a writer, or what you love about horror, or anything else you feel like talking about. That’s it. I’ll run it with your author photo, book covers, and links if you add them at the end of the guest blog. That’s it.

I’m not doing this to add my own book links in it or expect you to talk about me or my blog. In fact, I welcome authors I’ve never met before or had contact with to send me something. I’d love to expand on who I talk with and hopefully help everyone, without making this a huge deal and do a hundred or more posts… although, if that many come in, at least I know I’ll have more than enough posts for the blog, right?

Oh, and there will be a great one up tomorrow (see how fast this works?) by none other than my good buddy Todd Brown, the great zombie author.

16 Responses to “Want To Promote Fellow Horror/Thriller Authors”

  1. Armand, may I add myself to the list? If so, just tell me when you want the goods.
    Alana Woods


  2. I’d love to do a guest post if you’ll have me; I’ve never done it before and it sounds cool. I just released a new horror novel too. I can write up the post tonight if you say the word. Thanks!


  3. Finishing damn novella first…


  4. I’ll do one if you want me to. I’d need a couple of days to write it though. Working long hours this week. Let me know! 🙂


  5. I’ll write one if you’d like me to. It would take me a couple of days though. Let me know. 🙂


  6. I’m not a horror writer – maybe a horrible writer – so can I get in?


  7. Hi Armand 🙂 Would it be possible to add me to the list of interested authors? I’d love to open myself up to a new audience 🙂



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