“Dying Days 2” Steve ‘The Breeze’ Brack Interview

Steven Brack vs. Steve ‘The Breeze’ Brack

            When I write stories, I often will add in a simple name as a place-marker and then go back and change it once I get the basics of a character and begin to understand him/her and they fill out. Not with the main characters, but with the ones that simply help move the plot or subplots along and come in contact with the ‘important’ people in the story.

            Enter Steve ‘The Breeze’ Brack. He was created, based on a real person that I’d never actually met, but knew enough about him to create a unique secondary character when I was writing Dying Days 2. It’s a zombie book, so the more characters I can kill the better, right? Simple enough.

            Only, something funny happened once I was done with the story: I liked the guy while also hating him… and readers talked about him in almost 80% of the e-mails and comments to me…

            I had a chance to interview the alter-ego namesake of Steve ‘The Breeze’ Brack, Steven Brack, who is an actor, former race car driver, and so much more. In fact, there was so much more to our conversation that today we’ll be dealing with the Dying Days 2 stuff and tomorrow our frank conversation about his career and life… trust me, this is one interesting guy!


How were you approached to become a character in the “Dying Days” book series?

“I was approached on it and I loved the idea. I had never been a book character before. Sounded cool to me. There wasn’t too much to it, to be honest. It started out pretty simple: ‘Can I use your name in this new zombie story and kill you? I’ll make it kinda like you.’ “


Had you read any of the stories or were you familiar with the books or the author?

“I had not read any of the stories prior to this, but I did know of the author. Truth be told… I’m not much of an in-depth reader. I’m more into quick-read periodical type stuff. Rolling Stone, Playboy, and various car mags. I remember being asked my favorite books one time and I listed Truly Tasteless Jokes by Blanche Knott and SEX by Madonna. Haha.”


Are you a fan of zombie movies or zombie books?

“I like zombie movies. I remember seeing George Romero’s “Night Of The Living Dead” when I was a kid. It scared the shit out of me. I still love that film. Something about the black and white just makes the whole film feel eerie.”


Steve ‘The Breeze’ Brack is pretty over the top. How does he differ from the real Steven Brack?

“We were a lot alike when I was younger. I used to be that arrogant, hard drinking party guy who threw care and caution to the wind like Steve. I’m older now and with age comes wisdom and responsibility. Plus… I couldn’t handle the hangovers nowadays. Haha.”


How is he similar?

“We’re similar in that he knows who he is and he’s comfortable in his skin. Like him… hate him… envy him… It really makes no difference to him. He could give a fuck because he’s going to do what he wants anyway. Oh… and the ‘Don’t you know who I am?’ catchphrase. That actually is true from back in my racing days and I have friends who still say it to me. That’s too funny.”


Like I said before, I get quite a few mentions about the character in fan mail. Why do you think this character resonates with readers?

“Hmm… I think Steve is an arrogant kind of guy. Arrogant because he earned it. But there’s something endearing about him at the same time. He’s not a hard-ass overbearing type. He’s definitely in his own world. Maybe the way he approaches situations shows he’s a kid at heart and that’s what makes him a lovable pain in the nuts. I’m glad he resonates with the readers.”


If the real Steven Brack was fighting off zombie hordes with Steve ‘The Breeze’ Brack, how do you think that would turn out?

“Oh, he and I would definitely kick some zombie ass. I could see having to motivate Steve to fight in the beginning, but once I got him into it… Oh yea. He’s got a competitive side to him and the ‘thrill of the sport’ thing going on like I do. This guy is a champ race car driver. I know this guy. I’d definitely put my money on Steven and Steve.”


Tomorrow, find out more about the real Steven Brack, his career and more!


Steven Brack’s IMDB Page

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