My latest release is Ancient, the first Lovecraftian short story in my A Keyport Cthulhu Tale series. It is currently available on Amazon and SmashWords and Barnes & Noble… and it’s only 99 cents. The cover is killer and from Jeffrey Kosh.

I added a bonus short story to the release, a flash fiction piece written by me and my eleven year old daughter, Katelynn, combining her love (unicorns) and mine (Cthulhu)… I decided to share it. Katelynn wrote the unicorn parts and I wrote the rest. I hope you enjoy our tongue-in-cheek mash-up.


Katelynn Rosamilia & Armand Rosamilia


Taffy the Unicorn was near Innsmouth and wanted to go swimming. It was a beautiful day and she saw a very inviting beach nearby.

Taffy decided to fly over and stay for a little while. When Taffy arrived, she looked around and saw that no one was there. She found the perfect spot to lay and nap for a bit.

When Taffy woke up she decided to go swimming in the clear turquoise ocean. The water was perfect and she was a terrific swimmer. She didn’t want to get out but she was getting tired of swimming and she was getting pruney.

She got out of the water she wanted to build a sand castle but soon figured out that unicorns couldn’t make sand castles because of there hooves.

Taffy saw several people that looked fishy coming down the beach, so she decided that it was time for her to leave. Taffy decided to get one more look of the ocean before she said goodbye. When she peered out into the distance, she saw an island. Before going home, Taffy decided to fly over to the island and see what it had to offer.

*   *   *   *   *

That is not dead which can eternal lie… but Cthulhu was sure growing bored after all this time. He spread out on theisland ofR’lyeh, which had risen from the ocean floor for the first time in aeons. Before nightfall, however, it would once again sink to the deepest bottom of the ocean and be lost once more.

Cthulhu wanted to enjoy some sunshine, maybe tan a few of his appendages and feel sand between his tentacles before it was all lost in infinite wetness. There was nothing worse than trying to play with sand a thousand feet deep.

He wanted to eternally lie… on the beach and watch the cute, puffy clouds pass overhead as the sun warmed his cold body and dried his moving parts.

As Cthulhu flapped his tentacles in the air and wished the clear blue sky was always this close (and, he realized, with some dismay, seeing the sky so close made him homesick… and home was so out of reach right now), he saw a bird up above in the distance.

The bird got closer, but it was too big. Maybe one of those monster creatures he’d seen hundreds of years ago? Giant teeth, huge wingspan like a flying killing animal.

Yet, as it came closer he saw it was a horse. A flying horse? It had a horn on its head, multi-colored wings and landed on the beach not far from him.

Instead of being scared, it said hello.

*   *   *   *   *

And so Taffy and Cthulhu fell in love. They spent the rest of the afternoon getting to know each other and having a good time.

Taffy was explaining her day at the beach when she mentioned how she couldn’t make a sand castle. Cthulhu offered to make her one. She was excited to see how it would come out. When the castle was finished, Taffy was amazed. It was humongous and Taffy thought it was the most romantic thing she had ever seen.

As the sun set over the water, Taffy knew it was time to go home, and so did Cthulhu. Taffy and Cthulhu were so in love that they decided to get married on the beach that very same night.

Taffy was so excited that she was finally going to be married. She invited her whole family and all of her unicorn friends to the wedding.

The fishy people of Innsmouth rowed out to the island, the Esoteric Order of Dagon did the catering, Shub Niggaruth and Nyarlotep stood in as Maid of Honor and Best Man, and the Pickman Bakery of Massachusetts provided the wedding cake.

The wedding was so pretty and it was the one Taffy had always dreamed about growing up.

They spent their one and only night as a married couple on the beach together, watching the stars. Cthulhu pointed out which one he was from.

*   *   *   *   *

The baby had her fathers eyes. Oh, and his tentacles. Even though her hide was a weird color you couldn’t really describe with words, she was still perfect to her mother. Most days and nights, while Taffy taught her daughter how to be a unicorn and also how to honor her father, they would sit on the beach near Innsmouth and wait for Cthulhu.

And pray for Father, roaming free…