This Week’s Writing Goal

I don’t have one. See everyone next week. 

Seriously, this week I’ve decided to go back to basics for me and write whatever the Hell I want to write. It’s not because I didn’t hit my goals last week. In fact, I got every single one of them in, almost to the word. But that was boring, and I felt like I had to write a certain amount of words for all three projects instead of writing what I was feeling at the moment. The short story I wrote was possibly my best work to date, if I do say so myself. I hope an editor out there somewhere feels the same way.

Hence, this week I will stick to a 1,500 word a day clip (10,500 words in all) on whatever I feel like writing. Will it be a new short story? Some flash fiction? The start of a new novel? Continuing work on Death Cult: Death Metal 2 (now at 15,000 words), working on Dying Days: Origins (over the 8,500 word mark), or something I haven’t thought about yet? 

Someone asked me if my blog was geared toward other authors or toward readers… that is an interesting question, one I hope to answer soon enough… ideally, I’d love to say both. I’d love to have a ton of writers and readers perusing this blog, but wonder who I am catering to?

What do you think?


Twitter Etiquette, Book Promotion & the Narcissist Inversion

Twitter Etiquette, Book Promotion & the Narcissist Inversion.

Another good post about Twitter Etiquette and respect, this time by Robert Chazz Chute

The Coming Week of Writing

It’s that time again, boys and girls… my super-bold predictions about life, love, comfortable footwear, and…

I’m actually going to set down in stone what my writing goal is for this week. And then get off the internet and actually try to accomplish it again this week. I will set a 1,500 word a day goal, which seemed to work for me last week. That gives me 10,500 words to write from today through next Sunday.

I’m adding a short story to the mix this week for a themed anthology I’ve been eyeing. It’s only 3,000 words so that should be a nice, easy one to finish this week and get me in a positive roll. Just need to think up a story and write it now.

I am currently at 10,000 words on Death Cult: Death Metal 2 of the projected 30,000 words. I will set a 5,000 word goal for it. That should be easy to achieve.

Death Cult

10000 / 30000

The third project is going to be dabbling in the Dying Days: Origins novella (starring Tosha Shorb from Dying Days 2) since I finished the first draft of Still Dying: Select Scenes From Dying Days. I figure I have 2,500 left of the goal and that will give me another chapter or two completed on this one. I’m currently at 3,000 words of the 30,000 estimate it will be.

Dying Days: Origins

3000 / 30000

That should do it. On paper it seems so easy and looks like I could finish all that in a day or two… might pick a day this week and not get online, no games, nothing, until I hit 5,000 words again. Will let you know… and for those people who are cool enough to comment on these types of posts, I thank you! And the two who sent me e-mails early this morning asking when my weekly goal posting would be up… you two are what keeps me going, and I’ll be sending you some free books asap for letting me know someone other than me is interested in this weekly post.

I Finished 2 Projects Yesterday!

Just a quick brag to keep me motivated to not slack… my goal this week was a total of 10,500 words of writing, Monday through this coming Sunday. 

So far (it is early Saturday, 2 more full days of writing to go) I’ve hit 9,500 but managed to finish two of the three projects I was working on, which makes me very happy. 

Still Dying: Select Scenes From Dying Days novella was supposed to be 30,000 words. The first draft clocked in over 33,000 words and I’m quite happy with it. Thirteen different zombie short stories, some new characters and some favorites from Dying Days 2 are involved, and I was excited to be done with the first version. Now, edits and beta readers. 

The second story was a short, “Barren”, the second in my Keyport Cthulhu series. I envisioned a 5,000 word story and ended up going over 8,000 words in it. I love it, and hope the ideas for the third story flow as easily as this one did.  Now onto edits.

But I barely touched on Death Cult: Death Metal 2 thriller novella. My goal for this weekend will be nothing but this story and hopefully I can get in three to four thousand words. 

Monday morning I’ll update on this book with where I stand and add two more projects to my plate for the coming week. The 1,500 word a day goal was easier than a 2,000 word a day goal for me mentally, even though I hit nearly 2,000 a day anyway. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend planned, and it includes writing and reading. 

Twitter Respect

I’m here today to share a point or six (maybe more, who knows) about Twitter Respect. Simply put, things I find socially unacceptable when being my friend on Twitter. Your ideas might be different, and you might disagree with me. But right now, in the immortal words of Robbie from The Wedding Singer… Well, I have a microphone, and you don’t, SO YOU WILL LISTEN TO EVERY DAMN WORD I HAVE TO SAY!

Incidentally, in a post a couple of days ago I freely quoted (without proper credit) The Blues Brothers, but no one seemed to comment on it. For shame. All of you. Now, back to my Twitter Respect Ranting…

1. What is the damn point of following a million people that don’t care about you at all? The ‘follow me and I’ll follow you for an hour before I delete you and then try to get all your friends to follow me’ thing is stupid. I don’t see the point.

2. If you don’t follow me back within a reasonable amount of time (usually four weeks) I unfollow you, unless you are Neil Gaiman or JA Konrath or someone really cool that I read their tweets all the time. But, the real problem I have is that then you post that I unfollowed you… not sure why you do this. Hey, here’s a fun thing: follow me back to begin with, and I won’t have to delete you. And you won’t have to point out that you only bothered with me once I cut you off.

3. Not sure why, but DMs from people I don’t know are annoying. Oh, wait, I remember now: It’s because I try to be nice when you say ‘Thanks for the follow! Nice to meet you’ and I reply in kind, only to be told by Twitter than you don’t follow me so I can’t send it and I wasted my time! Guess what? You get unfollowed quicker than 30 days. Just sayin’.

4. I also hate initial DMs that give me a link to your website/Amazon page/free eBook giveaway… I can’t imagine this works for anyone trying to promote themselves and gets someone excited enough to say ‘Wow, thanks for the private spam! I am going to buy your book right now!’. How about saying hello, and then we can be nice first before you shove your work down my throat… and I can actually say nice things back since you also follow me. I promote my own work every day, but it’s drowned in with reblogs of cool posts I read, RT’s of other cool books I like and tweets to people that I converse with like a normal human being.

5. Posting your link for your book/band/website/crap using my twitter handle as a way to get people to notice you, since you have 147 followers and I (currently at 12:13 am when I’m writing this) have 12,867, all (OK, most) of which I earned by being nice and not beating them over the head with promotions for my work. I keep getting the ‘@ArmandAuthor: My character in my new book is a bad man. Here’s the link to the book on Amazon’, even though I never said a word to you before this, and when I check your Twitter page I see you sent the same message to 56 other people in the last 34 minutes. ‘Hope you buy my book!’. Not gonna happen. Unfollow.

6. I love when people RT my posts and my blog posts, and ask questions, comment, act silly, and just friendly. There is nothing cooler than people responding, playing along or just being normal. Yet, I’ve actually had people upset because I reblogged their stuff and it went out to 12,000+ Twitter followers but I didn’t say it was from them… uh, they clicked on your website, I liked your post enough to share it with 100 times the amount of people it would have normally gotten eyes on… keep complaining, sorry. I’m wrong. It won’t happen again. To your posts, trust me. For the people who reblog my stuff and love when I reblog their stuff… thank you. I like you. You get the implications of social media and the fact that I liked your post enough to want to share it with my friends. Keep writing cool posts about your writing, cool interviews, cool Metal bands, zombies, steampunk and horror stuff and I will keep promoting you, because I like it and want to spread the word about the cool kids.

7. And seven, seven for no tomorrow

8. And eight, eight, I forget what eight was for

9. But nine, nine, nine for the lost gods

10. ten, ten, ten, ten for everything, everything, everything…

Please let someone know what that last part is from… I’m begging you..

This is my tongue firmly planted in cheek (but mostly true) rant against no Twitter Respect. I’m sure I missed a few things and I hope to meet you along the journey and actually get a chance to chat with you. In 140 characters or less.

Now buy my book(s).