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This is not shaping up to be a good week of writing for me… Hell, last week wasn’t so hot, either. And when I look back the last three months… ugghh…

I always set a daily goal of 2,000 words and figure wherever my head is, I’ll write. It all works out in the end because (in theory) as long as I’m writing something projects will get completed and I’ll have plenty of continuous products to hawk… except it isn’t shaping up like that.

Let’s see.. the last release I put out wasn’t actually a new thing, as the Dying Days audiobook came out on June 4th 2012… and nothing the rest of the month. The last time I had a brand new release? April 1st with Bones. Death. Cenote, my three-story collection. Sure, I re-released a few Rymfire Books anthologies in print in April but nothing new from me.

And what am I working on? About 167 different things all in different levels of completion. But none of them finished, which is killing me. Lately my 2,000 a day goal consists of writing 400 lousy words on 5 different projects, which are all hovering around the halfway mark.

I’ve finished three horror shorts this past month but they immediately got submitted to pro markets since I’m still hoping to get three pro sales and join (or not join) the HWA. You can read about that here. So I don’t count them in my gripe as to work I plan on self-publishing.

When I started the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour I was hoping to have my Still Dying: Select Scenes From Dying Days completed, but I’m about 3 short stories shy of that right now. My readers/editors are spot-on and ready for the next part but I can’t seem to finish any of them.

I really, really want to set a simple publishing goal for July and say one new release each Friday. That gives me about a week to hammer out a few stories and get them to an edit. If I complete just one within the next day or so (I’m talking short stories), I can get my beta readers to rip it apart for me and can (in theory, here we go again) have it up and live by Friday, July 6th.

I already have the first short story in a six-story arc at the finale, so I might work on that one and then have it prepared. Hell, the awesome artwork by Jeffrey Kosh has been done. Yep, just waiting on my sorry ass to finish it now.

So, I’ll be off to finish four short stories (at least) and get them out in July. Wish me luck!

Now, what are you working on and where do you stand with your latest work?

17 Responses to “Scatterbrain This Week With Writing”

  1. I am working on my new novel. A psychological horror thriller. I’m trying to write and edit it chapter by chapter. I hate editing so I feel that by doing the initial stuff straight away like this, I will make it easier on myself later on. I also need to finish editing a short story collection that I released a while ago, but shouldn’t have done 🙂

    I’m sure everything will come together for you. We just have to keep plugging away.


    • Yeah, I guess plugging away is the answer right now. I like to write what I’m feeling at the moment and not have to force something I don’t… I know I always end up going back to something and 99% of the time it gets finished, but there are too many started projects and not enough getting finished.



  2. Your work life sounds like mine. People call it “instant” publishing. Ha! I did publish two books in the last month, but one was bundling a bunch of short stories together with a novella that’s been sweated over for years. (Talked about that with your short story pricing question, I think). My crime novel is newly released, but it only looks instant from the outside. Everything is in the editorial pipe a long time, all the way from my fiction well in the Yukon. I have several projects, all in different stages, and not enough interns around here to keep my IV drip of double espressos filled up. I need more time in the day, just like everybody else, I guess. I feel for you, Armand, and you’re not alone. People say that about death and dying and it doesn’t help then, either. (Mwah-ha-ha!) However, we shall persevere, overcome and crush our enemies. Or something.


  3. Working on upping the currently daily on the 2nd novel in my Tapestry series. Ironically, book 1 was only a publishing test for me. Who knew people would actually like it enough to want more? 🙂 Hoping to finish it no later than mis-August and then onward and upward to the next.

    The only way I can do it s by doing more than 400 words/day… lol. You are not alone!


  4. Tim Finn Says:

    Write, write, write, I guess that’s all we can do, then hope, hope, hope. I’m working on a Mummy story for a classc monster anthology…not a lot of progress so far, hope I don’t do my usual sleepathon weekend and get it substianally finished. I have a deadline of next weds, the fourth to finish, so I can rewrite, put it together in Word (which about the only system working on my old computer) , print it out, scan it into my work computer and send if off before next Saturday. (I’ve got to get that new computer, it’s will make my life and writing so much easier.) Just keep plugging on, Armand, what else can a writer do.


  5. Ugh! It must be something in the air lately. I can commiserate all too well with your pain, Armand. The past month or so has been a brutal dry spell. If the words do come, it feels like I am eeking one drop of blood out with them at a time. We won’t even mention the fact the writing is not even close to being up to par. *sighs* Bloody sequels!
    Here’s to hoping you hit a breakthrough. Wishing you much continued success!


  6. I totally feel your pain Armand. I’m currently writing book 3 but the time to write is rare to say the least and I’m becoming more and more frustrated with how slow the edit is coming along for book 1. Somedays I feel like its never going to happen but as long as I’m writing I can take some comfort in that and get the energy to keep going. You set yourself great goals and targets so I know you will power on 🙂


  7. I’m just a newbie, only starting out in the land of words, keystrokes, and constant brainstorming. However, I can easily relate. I will sit down post bedtime to work on my WIP, completely quite and free from interruptions, and I’ll accomplish nothing. By that point my brain is fried. And then, in the middle of the day when my boys are bouncing off the walls and my hubby isn’t due home from work for another 3 hours, the ideas start to roll. I’ll sit down and make the attempt to put ink to paper, and then my two year old will snatch the pen from my hands so he can “gaw” aka. draw.

    Last night my hubby watched the movie “Limitless” and I saw bits and pieces–instantly thought, “If only it were that easy!” ha! Best of luck meeting your goals 😉


    • Yes, real life distractions can definitley get in the way. I keep finding those key moments when I’m alone and try to take advantage. The daily writing isn’t in my way right now but the amount of projects and not finishing them quick enough is killing me.



  8. Hang in there, Armand. As you know, writing is a strange business, and it often happens in fits and spurts. Sorry to hear you’re struggling, but, if you give your a brain a chance to relax, I’m sure it will start churning again soon. That’s what always works for me.

    As for me, I’ve just published a new short story, “Sleeping Beauty,” through KDP Select. It retells the classic fairytale in modern times. No zombies in it, but it is pretty creepy.

    I am also about halfway through the second draft of my second novel. Hoping to have that done in a couple weeks, so my beta readers can start ripping it up.

    Good luck to you! Hope things turn around soon!


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