My first experience with zombies was back in 1988 when I saw the film adaptation of Wade Davis’s The Serpent and the Rainbow. I was twelve-years-old and while maybe I didn’t know it then, the story was right up my future alley—part medicine, part horror.

Based on a true story, the movie depicts the control of a Haitian man named Clairvius Narcisse who “died”, was interred, and rose from the dead as a “zombie”. Wade Davis, an ethnobotanist, went to Haiti seeking to bring back the “zombie powder” responsible for Narcisse’s condition to be used in anesthesia. There were no bites or scratches, no hordes or shooting, and there was no apocalypse, but the psychological angle was terrifying and the tale ranks among my favorites.

Fast forward all of these years later, after fifteen years in medicine and after writing horror almost exclusively for many more years than that, I finally decided to write zombie fiction. It seemed the perfect stage given my background and the story all but wrote itself. Cure, my new zombie release, is part horror, part medicine and all fast-paced. Released only two short weeks ago, it’s already garnered seven five-star reviews.

Here’s the official blurb:

Welcome to the Nixon Healing andResearchCenter, refuge for the indigent sick and playground for the maniacal Dr. Howard Nixon whose cancer research has him dabbling in the undead. His human-zombie breeding program is falling apart and only Miranda Penton can save it.

Miranda gave up her budding military career to marry a fellow soldier but when their first child is stillborn, it’s more tragedy than their new marriage can handle. One year later, following her painful divorce, Miranda accepts an unexpected job offer to join Nixon’s security team. Her recruitment is part of Nixon’s dark plan and she quickly becomes one of his captives. A close friend who is a divorce lawyer Mesa AZ was a significant help in describing alot of the steps.  

Nixon impregnates Miranda with a zombie fetus, but her imprisonment at the center is short-lived. A rescue team led by Scott, her estranged ex-husband, releases her and the infected on the unsuspecting hospital population.

The virus is spreading and must be contained. The center is going into lock-down. The group’s escape is threatened by a homicidal security guard and a raging storm. The town ofStrandville is ground zero for the zombie apocalypse and Miranda must escape because the fate of humanity lies with her unborn child.

Here’s what some readers had to say:

“Let’s face it, original is hard to come by. Everything has been done and tried. But what makes a book unique and refreshingly stimulating, is the author’s ability to breathe life into their characters, and send them on a course that you are compelled to follow along. Cure delivers just that. It is a rotten breath of fresh air with a premise that I haven’t seen in any other Zombie novels.”

“Cure, by Belinda Frisch, is soooo good that Five Stars is not enough! This tale is in a category all its own. I read a great number of books, zombie books among them, and have never read one with this kind of twist, this kind of originality.”

“Welcome to Strandville, a little slice of small-town heaven with a helluva secret – something sinister is afoot within the sterile confines of the Nixon Healing and ResearchCenterand people are starting to take note. When cancer research unleashes the unspeakable, the very CUREfor the pending-apocalypse may just be more deadly than the virus itself.

Belinda Frisch’s latest tale is equal parts medical thriller mixed with classic horror where the danger posed by the undead pales in comparison to the hideous nature of Dr. Howard Nixon and his equally lethal medical team. Frisch’s characters are deeply developed and her writing propels the story toward a completely satisfying conclusion. From the characters you love to hate to those you hate to lose, the lines in this battle for salvation, and humanity itself, are finely drawn.

CURE is dark, disturbing, and deliciously addictive. I couldn’t put it down!”

There are many variations on zombies, but if you’re looking to root for an eclectic cast of humans on the cusp of an outbreak, Cure takes a unique approach to the apocalypse. In the town ofStrandville, the villains are as dangerous as the virus.

*   *   *   *   *

Belinda Frisch’s fiction has appeared in Shroud Magazine, Dabblestone Horror, and Tales of Zombie War. She is an honorable mention winner in the Writer’s Digest 76th Annual Writing Competition and the author of DEAD SPELL,CRISISHOSPITAL, TALES FROM THE WORLD, THE WARD,AND THE BEDSIDE and the newly releasedCURE, the first in the Strandville Zombie Series.