Just because I love Thrash Metal music \m/

The Bestial Domain

As requested by a few people I’ve decided to elaborate a little bit about the sub-categories of Metal genres.  As of right now, no there is of course not every sub-category imaginable mentioned and you never know, perhaps some day I can get to that.

So here we go…

Thrash MetalOne of the easiest sub-categories of Metal to again sub-categorize on.  There are a bajillion bands out there with an obvious Thrash influence and clear portrayal of so in their music.

To name a bit, we’ve got:

Death/Thrash (possibly my favorite combination) has/had bands like Burnt Offering, Solstice, Morbid Saint, Hellwitch and Skeletal Earth.  These bands have a more “Thrashier” take on what Death Metal is, more or less being Death influenced Thrash.  Unlike the earliest forms of Death Metal (Old-School Death Metal) which was more Thrash influenced Death, just as mentioned…

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