My Writing Reality When Not Writing

Today was supposed to be the day where I relaxed, did some reading and reviewing of eBooks I’ve been ignoring, and generally take it easy. It’s hot outside (I’m in Florida) and I was going to do some quick writing in the morning, finish up a chapter of the horror novella, and maybe do some of the zombie novella or the Dying Days screenplay I’ve been way behind on. I had an upcoming call from author Carl R. Moore to talk about some strategies for his upcoming Slash of Crimson novella Rymfire Books will be releasing soon, and I wanted to end the day with Game of Thrones and The Killing before bed. Tomorrow I would dive back into my writing schedule.

But no…

Sometimes real life gets in the way. Kim’s truck is acting up, so we had to drive that to the mechanic, pick up my car (that finally got fixed), pick up two different kids, go to lunch, go to the food store, and kill several hours.

And all the while, here I am, pissy because I have to be out in the real world doing non-writing things, unshaven, my goatee long and gray and straggly like a homeless person, wearing my tight, bright red Boston Red Sox T-shirt (the David Ortiz one, I have six of them), fading blue jean shorts, my Red Sox cap on backwards, my Kerry King sunglasses, and slippers.

Yep, slippers. Big, black fuzzy slippers.

It seems that when I was rushing last-minute to get ready, whining I had to go out into direct sunlight and see actual people, I forgot to slip on my boat shoes (Kim hates them, too, but at least you can wear them in public). We got to my parent’s house and got out of the car before I realized what was on my feet.

It didn’t bother me in the least, but Kim was now the pissy one. Imagine sitting in Chili’s over lunch with my big size 12 feet encased in fuzzy slippers.

I just pray the next time I have to leave the house (hopefully not for a few months) I remember to put actual pants on…

11 Responses to “My Writing Reality When Not Writing”

  1. *laughs* I feel with you, Armand. I hate it when that happens! Hope tomorrow’s a better day for you. 😉


  2. Thats too funny. Fuzzy slippers….I can see it now! 😛


  3. I just finished my writing schedule for the month of May. I am a list/schedule person. But, I also have a real world boss who doesn’t seem to understand the concept of appropriate timing. So, I have this nice pretty schedule all ready to go and already thinking how it will be derails by forced beyond my control. Life sucks in that regards. haha. Love the slipper visual.


  4. When I was a kid, a family friend’s house caught on fire. When we went to visit him, he looked an absolute mess, dressed in ragged, too-small shorts and some old T-shirt that looked like it had been soaking in used sump oil for six months. Those were the only clothes he had left, pulled out of the rag bag in his garage.
    So now, whenever I see someone out in public wearing something just plain wrong, I always think – “Oh, maybe his/her house just burned down.”


  5. I appreciate your mentioning me and also the fact that I’m not the only person who too often looks like a homeless person (and usually with a toddler in tow)…


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