Pre-Blog Tour Thoughts

Back in October 2011 I did a small month-long blog tour to promote my Skulls short story collection. I thought it went well, and I did see a small but satisfying spike in sales during certain dates, and not only on the blogs that had a ton of followers.

With the coming release of Dying Days 2 extreme zombie novella I’ve decided to go back on the internet road, the cyber highway, tour the virtual small towns of the world… you get the idea.

I’m also wondering if filling up eight straight weeks of tour dates is worth it. Most of the stops will be Guest Blogs, meaning I need to come up with about forty different posts of 300-750 words each. Average that to 500 words and I’ll have written 20k just in blogs… and wondering if it will be worth it, or would I be better off taking that 20k, writing part of a novel or a novella or a few short stories? Add another twenty interviews I need to answer…

My initial reaction: this will be a good thing. 75% of my time is devoted to promotion each day, and this will be good for getting the word out about my Dying Days novellas and the rest of my 40+ releases.

I plan on doing a daily Giveaway of the Dying Days releases, either eBook or print.

I’m wondering how other authors have done with blog tours, either bigger or smaller, and what came of it. I’d love some feedback, either as comments or e-mails…


6 thoughts on “Pre-Blog Tour Thoughts

  1. I read a lot of book blogs and have seen many authors doing blog tours. I think they work to get the word out to many readers, I’ve definitely bought books that I heard about this way.


  2. This is the first time I have heard of such an idea, though the previous blogging site I used was much smaller and the tools were not nearly as useful. You’ve caught my eye with this and I’ll be curious to follow what you write, possibly making mention of your blog to my small audience depending upon when I can fit you into the theme I’m writing on.


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