Armand’s April Writing Goals

Since tomorrow begins a new month, I decided to post some broad-stroke goals for it and see what happens. Normally I constrain myself to only setting daily goals, which I will still do (2k minimum words written per day, so 60k written in April is the big goal)…

1. Joined the Script Frenzy thing (like NaNo but for screenplays) and the goal is 100 pages in 30 days. I’m not counting this in my word count for the month, preferring to simply write three solid pages a day on average. I figure once I get the hang of writing a screenplay it will get easier… I hope. Anyway, in May Dying Days should be ready for a second draft…

2. Still Dying: Select Scenes From Dying Days collection of 13 short stories featuring old and new characters from the series. I’m already at 11k of a possible 27k, so 16k of writing will be finishing this book.

3. Chelsea Avenue horror novel. The second draft is written but I need about 10k added to it for completion and I intend to have it done by month’s end and a final outside edit. I’m hoping to submit it to a publisher instead of self-publishing.

4. Dying Days: Origins novella featuring character Tosha Shorb (from Dying Days 2) in a prequel of her character. 25k in length.

5. Finish an untitled zombie novella (not tied into Dying Days) and submit to a publisher in the future. 13k of 25k done, so 12k left.

That’s a bit over 60k but I can do it… being positive… I also always end up writing some short stories for anthologies I see, adding new tales to the Dying Days world for future use…

I also have several projects on the backburner right now that I will need to get to at some future point:

a long-planned sequel to Death Metal (tentatively titled Death Cult)

my Metal Queens Monthly series has suffered with all this fiction, but I’m slowly working on it, I swear

Two different horror novellas about halfway done with the first drafts

A sequel to my extreme zombie Highway To Hell novella

Dying Days 3 – eventually, 2 just came out!

Another (non-zombie) short story collection

A collection of all my blog posts with new unpublished posts

A ton of steampunk ideas, some already started



Writing Today

Been nice and busy today, have stayed away from stupid Facebook games (OK, I checked it really quick!) and got some work in…

I finished a shot story (3,300 words) this morning that I started last night… of course, it’s due to be submitted for an anthology by tomorrow, so last minute deadlines once again…

I also wrote 1,500 words (so far today) on a horror short set in South America that stars the same character as the one in my “Rainforest of Bones” short story that is featured in the Skeletal Remains anthology… I have another unpublished story and might put all three together in one 99 cent release sometime in April.

I also dabbled in some ideas for the Still Dying: Select Scenes From Dying Days collection coming next in the series. I’m already 13k into it, and it should clock in roughly 28k if I’m right, but hopefully more.

Finally, I’ll be writing two guest blogs for my continuing Dying Days Blog Tour 2012 and answering questions for two new interviews coming up as well.

Remember, I’ll be randomly giving away free eBooks and Print books as it goes along, and follow my Twitter (@ArmandAuthor) for quick free giveaways I like to run… yesterday I gave away three FREE eBooks to each person who played along…

Finally (finally), I just want to thank everyone who’s purchased a copy of one of my eBooks and Print books this month… my sales have tripled, I’m getting solid reviews, and meeting some great new fans… I hope this can continue to grow! Thanks again!

Guest Blog – Matt Moore

I’ll be over at Matt Moore’s blog today – – and he’s here on mine… crazy world we live in, right? Anyway, pull up a chair and learn more about, well, Moore…


Zombies don’t get their fair share of attention. Vampires, werewolves and Frankenstein’s monster have had the Hollywood treatment. And while we zombie fans have The Walking Dead, vampires have had Buffy, Angel, Dark Shadows, Forever Knight, Vampire Diaries, Tru Blood and more on TV. Aside from World War Z, what’s the last zombie bestseller you can name?

Why the short end?


Vampires can be brutal or sparkly; monstrous or brooding, tragic figures. They can be whatever your need them to be. And werewolves have self-loathing built in—from The Howling to Michael’s Jackson’s “Thriller” video.

Zombies don’t have that complexity. They’re just ruthlessly violent. The only variation is fast or slow, and Romero Rules (all corpses come back to life) or Snyder Rules (you have to be bit or otherwise infected to turn). Compare that to all the various rules for vampires—the effect of sunlight, garlic or silver; do they mentally control their victoms; are they soulless monsters or keep their identity; can they fly or change shape?

So zombie fiction and film are viewed with distain—violent, crass, seen-one-you’ve-seen-’em-all.

While fans of the zombie sub-genre hungers for a good ‘ole tale of blood and guts, the larger horror and speculative fiction community tells us to do something original if we want to be taken seriously. Allegory, metaphor, theme. And maybe they have a point.

A mindless hoard of zombies presents opportunities for storytelling that tragic, brooding or even bloodthirsty individual figures never could. Consider how Romero used the same “ghoul” to explore racism (Night of the Living Dead), consumerism (Dawn of the Dead), militarism (Day of the Dead) and classism (Land of the Dead). World War Z was much more about man’s inhumanity to man where the Great Panic doomed us, not the undead. “Pageant Girls” by Caroline Yoachim gives new meaning to dying to be thin. [“Pageant Girls”:] Heck, even the Borg are a form of zombie. (Hat tip to Adam Shaftoe for pointing that out to me.) [Adam Shaftoe:]

In my own story telling, I’ve tried to turn zombies on their head in my upcoming story in Undead Tales 2, which will be out soon by Rymfire Undead Books. “But It’s Not The End” uses intelligent zombies—the undead who retain their pre-death personalities. Here, I try to tell a good zombie tale but also ask the questions: What makes someone a “person”. And with more to lose, the zombies are more invested in their own humanity than their human handlers.

Another story is “Ascension”, which you can read on AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review at] In a very short (750 words) story, I present the zombie apocalypse in full, bloody glory while telling the story from the zombie’s point of view. Rather than mindless horror as the hunger overtakes the main character, something wonderful is happening. As the body goes one way, the mind goes another. Not to give it away, but the title “Ascension” is deliberate.

How else can zombie horror tell new stories and still be horrific? Can zombies breed sexually? What about uber-zombies that only feed on zombies (think the Reapers from Blade II)? Do zombies have the ultimately efficient metabolism and can function for days or weeks on a minimum of caloric intake? Let’s hear your ideas on how we can breathe new life into zombie stories.

SHAMELESS PLUG: If you liked “Ascension” or just want to give zombies their fair shake, consider nominating it for the Prix Aurora Award. If you are a Canadian citizen, permanent resident and long-time resident, you can nominate. It costs $10, but registration is easy. Voting closes midnight on March 31. Visit for more information. Please help zombie horror win!!!

Lots of Giveaways This Week

I’ve been randomly giving away eBook and print books this week, at least one eBook per Guest Blog post and then if I like people Retweeting my posts on Twitter, and people sending me direct e-mails asking questions or just saying hi…

I’ve also added both Dying Shortly volumes in this week as KDP Select-only releases, and they will both be FREE on Wednesday… if you’re new to the Dying Days series, they each contain two brand new short stories (that should be included in the upcoming Still Dying: Select Scenes From Dying Days release) as well as a preview of Dying Days. Grab them and let me know what you think, either in a post, e-mail or an honest Amazon review…

My goal has always been to write fun zombie fiction that people can get into, want to read more, and keep me motivated… so far I’m seeing that, sales are nice and steady, and I’m meeting so many great people… this is getting fun!

Armand Rosamilia

Guest Blog – Erik Gustafson

Today I have the pleasure of being a Guest Blogger on Erik Gustafson’s page, and I kindly returned the favor… read his, read mine, and enjoy!


Horror and the Family

Erik Gustafson

The family is the ideal haven for many reasons.  It is a safe place to explore the world, a place to develop your identity when you are growing up.  Home is where we find our food, make love, and lay our heads at the end of the day.  Heck, there is usually candy there!

A family can take on many forms.  A family can consist of a mom, dad, and kids, just like the black and white TV shows of yesteryear–or no kids at all.  It could be two men or two women.  It might include grandparents or close friends.  Biracial, immigrants, single parents.  Endless combos, just like ice cream and toppings.

The family is the basic unit of our society.

Families are the fabric that bind together to form our churches, schools, and activities.

A person should feel safe, warm and loved with their family.

What better place to drop a horror story into?

That’s where I dig in.  The family is a system and each person is a part of that system.  Throw the system out of whack and your have drama on top of the horror.  A delicious combination!

Most of my stories are about the family, in one way or the other.  The characters aren’t generally out there alone…somehow they are connected back to a family that is part of the plot.

Plus, it’s just plain scary to mess with the sanctity of family.

Just look at the movies and real life, you will see scads of examples…Jason and his mommy, Norman and his mommy.  The DeFeo family and the Villisca axe murders – both cases of an entire family slain.  I could go on, and maybe you could comment on some other examples.

For me, those are the type of stories that really knock you on your ass and make you drop an F bomb a time or two.

Here are a few more examples, taken from my own writing:

My coming of age novel “Fall Leaves and the Black Dragon” centers around a terrible family secret.

In “My Lover, My Garden” two brothers are at odds: one is trying to restore the family, the other is trying to start a, um, new type of family.

The tagline from my latest short story, “Ginger’s Marble”, is “The family that feeds together strays together.”  Yep, its zombies, but more than that it’s about that ever-lasting, special bond that families have.

What can I say, I am a family kinda guy!

Don’t just hit close to home, get in the home, with a sledge hammer if need be, and smash that sanctity …

Connect with me on Twitter @Eriktiger and visit my Amazon Author Page at

Thanks for reading!

*   *   *   *   *

Erik Gustafson spent 20 years in the United States Air Force, where he lived all over the world, including Iceland, Germany and a in a tent for a year in Saudi Arabia.

Always an artist at heart, he produced many paintings during his adventures. After his service, he settled down with his family (wife, two great daughters, 2 cats and a little white fluff dog) in Iowa. Now he helps people with intellectual disabilities and teaches psychology classes at a local college.

He switched from a paint brush to a pen and is now a horror writer by night. He has been published by The Horror Zine. People are saying good things about his stories. “You won’t be disappointed.”

Blog Tour Day 2 Thoughts and a Winner!

Yesterday the blog tour got off to a great start, and today is no different… check out all the dates Here and follow along… there are many free giveaways of my zombie books, as well as some surprises…

And we also have a winner from yesterday as well…

I had a few comments on the blog, some RT’s in twitter and 9 e-mails wanting to win something, which is awesome! Keep it going, please…

Oh, the winner…

Nomar Knight took the prize from yesterday, a FREE eBook copy of Darlene Bobich: Zombie Killer, the first book in the Dying Days series… congratulations!


Guest Blog Stop #1 and FREE eBook!

Today begins my six-week Dying Days Blog Tour 2012!

First stop:

Blaze McRob’s blog

At the end of the blog post is information for the Giveaway, which I’ll be doing daily and posting the winners… many chances to win, so follow along!

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