Looking For Horror Blogs

Beginning in mid-March (I’m thinking the 13th) I’ll be heading out on (what I hope is) my biggest blog tour yet…

With the coming release of Dying Days 2 and Still Dying: Select Scenes From Dying Days, I’m going to be guest blogging and interviewing on some old friends’ blogs as well as somke new ones, and I’d like to add as many more as I can to the list… that’s where you come in!

If you have a blog that is into horror (or a blog that isn’t normally but would be interested in my zombie books) I’d like to hear from you and add a date with your blog… I’ll be doing Giveaways, maybe promotional giveaways, who knows… the more blogs I can get the better and bigger it will be…

If you’re a fan of a particular blog let me know as well, because I’ll be contacting them for the tour and need all the help I can get.

In fact, if anyone goes above and beyond in helping me, besides my eternal gratitude and goodwill, I’ll throw in some freebies like eBooks, signed print books, and (if you live close to Florida) let you buy me an expensive lunch… and I might need new shoes. We’ll figure it out.


6 thoughts on “Looking For Horror Blogs

    • Awesome! Pick a date from March 14th through the end of April and I’ll either send you a Guest Blog to post on your site or you can send me interview questions… and I’ll do a giveaway if you’d like… AND you can do the same back the same day on my blog, cross-promote one another…

      Armand Rosamilia


  1. Sounds good to me too Armand, count us in. I have been hoping to get some sites to consent to interviews and such. Can I email you our interview questions?

    We are about to do our first in a few days.


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