Two New Zombie Book Covers

I’m almost finished with Dying Days 2 (the first draft, anyway) and then March will be for edits, rewrites and all that boring stuff.

In case you didn’t know, I’ve also been writing a companion novella as well, Still Dying: Scenes From Dying Days, featuring short stories of some characters from the first two Dying Days books as well as new characters… what I like to do sometimes, as I’m writing a new character into the series, is do a quick short piece about them leading up to their entrance, or perhaps an origin piece… I’m currently about 10k into this book and hope to finish it right after Dying Days 2 is done and then release them both at the same time…

I also toyed with the idea of doing another Kickstarter campaign and seek donations to have you written into a flash fiction, short story or even a novella of your own… might jump on that asap…

The cover art was done (once again) by the wonderfully talented Ash Arceneaux

Here are the two covers… tell me what you think!


8 Responses to “Two New Zombie Book Covers”

  1. David Monsour Says:

    Sweet covers.


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