Steampunk Short Stories

As some of you might know, I’m a Steampunk fan but never wrote too much in the subgenre until recently. I decided to write something a bit different from my horror stuff (especially the extremely graphic zombie work), something my eleven-year old daughter could read.

I created a character (Clockwork Katelynn), a setting (Arizuma, in the Old West of the Western Colonies), an agent of the Ministry of Defense for Mother England (Kruk), and wrote two short stories in two days.

Then I followed these up with three more steampunk short stories featuring one or both of the main characters and submitted those three to anthologies.

One of them came back rejected today already, which is fine in the grand scheme of things. With the way publishing works today, I’ll stick it in the bottom of the pile, do a rewrite when I get back to it, and either re-send it to another anthology or add it to a collecton of all these short stories.

I’m going to be at a Steampunk convention in Daytona Beach in mid-April and would like to have a Steampunk print book in hand to sell if possible. The goal was to write a short novella with these characters (15k-20k) and have the great editors/readers I use go through it chapter by chapter as I write it), and have it debut at this show.

Now, I’m thinking if one more of the remaining two come back, I might bundle the shorts into a release, add some more stories, and easily hit 20k… and if all three get rejected… nope, gotta be positive!

The rejection also drops me back down to earth with the streak of eight straight acceptances broken, but that’s fine. I’ll just have to start it over, right?

12 Responses to “Steampunk Short Stories”

  1. You have an admirable work ethic! I agree re sending stuff out again when it’s rejected – sometimes I rewrite, but sometimes I don’t because I believe it works and it was just an editor’s personal opinion that ruled it out. I’ve read a small bit about Steampunk – seems like fun πŸ™‚


    • Yeah, I knew that piece might not fit with what they were looking for… the editor had posted about too many steampunk stories set in the Wild West instead of Victorian England, so I knew it might be in trouble…


  2. I hope they pick up your other 2 stories. Tell me (if it’s not a secret), where do you find out who is taking submissions?


  3. Welcome to my new projects–Steampunk Central! I just want to find out where I can get a bill-payer so I can stay home and write all day!!! I have one Steamer novel half finished and the sequels to boot, but I’m running three businesses now just trying to pay the mortage and the bills. Got any websites for that!?! haha! πŸ™‚ We had a convention here last March. I was a vendor of “Steam Classique” jewels and fascinators, and part of the steampunk bellydance troupe. Loads of fun!


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