JA Konrath is the Devil

Yep, I said it…

It’s been on the minds of every struggling author for too many days and months and years…

JA Konrath is Satan, the Devil, Evil Incarnate, Lucifer, or something right out of an Edward Lee book.

You see, I’ve been an avid reader of his blog, his books, and his books about his blogs. At any given moment one of his blog posts is either on my computer or on my Kindle.

I’m not a successful author – yet – but I’m enjoying myself, selling a handful of eBooks (I’ve averaged over a hundred total sales per month, but I have 30+ releases, so you do the math there) and meeting new and exciting people that I hope will love me back, say nice things about me and buy a copy of each of the 30+ books for sale.

I fall into the illusion that I’m doing well, even though bills pile up, Kim yells at me to get a job that pays me money AND keep writing, my car is currently dead in the driveway, and I’m constantly checking my bank account for ‘miracle money’, like a dead long-lost aunt or the bank to screw up and deposit thousands in my account.

Then along comes the next blog post or next entry in a JA Konrath blog book, and I read about his success and what he did to make himself a success, and I get that feeling in my stomach like I’ve been kicked by a soccer team. I hate soccer.

But the worst part? When he talks of 500 rejections, promotion and publishers he’s made mistakes about, things he’s done wrong, and dead-ends in his career.

I don’t want to hear that! I want him to simply say ‘I wrote my first book, it sold millions, I made millions, I bought beer with my millions, so had to write book two for more beer money, and so on and so on.’ That would make me feel better.

The thought that I might be able to be as big as JA Konrath – hey, it might conceivably happen, read his posts! – gives authors hope that someday they’ll turn that corner.


And I’m not simply talking about huge sales, I’m talking about recognition and being able to pay the bills and be happy as an author.

You know, like JA Konrath seems to be doing now that he’d embraced eBooks and paved the way for the rest of us.

He’s making me try harder, write better, see what works and doesn’t work, and promote myself while meeting new and exciting people.

The Giveaway I’m running right now (see the post here) is going quite well, adding more people to my blog and Twitter accounts, putting my name out there with constant retweets of my post, and meeting new people.

Will it turn into eBook sales? That’s the goal, always the goal. And JA Konrath has proven that it can be done, you just need to try new and different things and see what works and doesn’t work for you.

Like I keep telling you, this dude is the Devil.


18 thoughts on “JA Konrath is the Devil

  1. PFT. I am so tired of the gurus who want to sell your their book which says the same thing as all the rest of them…just do it.

    I have a rather large following. I reach a lot of people. Some I reach quietly, some rather loudly. Point is…connect. It is a matter of percentage. Facts bare a little less than 2% of your following will actually buy your books until you get the one which makes them start selling for you. Then, your efforts are still churning 2%, but theirs are hitting 80%.

    If you need a mathematics tutor for the algorithm, ring my inbox. I do this all the time.


  2. You sure did pick the right title for this blog post. When I saw Konrath is the devil I had to check it out right away to see what he’d done!! …Well here I am and I’m glad I got here. Now I must check out your books! After the comment about beer money I now have this image in my head of you holding a sign saying “Will write for beer” lol


  3. Keep the faith, keep on keeping on – yes I know cliches but what else can you do. I used to tell my daughter if you can’t do what you love then you just have to try and love what you’re doing – another cliche but I truly believe that if you put good thoughts into the universe they’ll bounce back and who knows they might just bring that great best seller with them – good luck with it all anyway – you are not along – another of those darned cliches !!!!!


  4. The post you are looking for is up. You may want to ping the others in this thread by way of comments. Already the response is for this to become a feature. Belly up!

    And I like the way you have rearranged the furniture. Considering you are not a poetry site, you may want to rethink the center alignment, as statistics show it is harder for all readers, especially those seeking information. Useless fact #2,174.



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