5 Stories 5 Days 5 Submissions

I did it! I wrote five brand-spankin’-new short stories in the last five days and submitted them, all on the last day of the respective anthologies’ deadline… love this last-minute thing, but need to get back to writing Dying Days 2 and the screenplay for Dying Days

And, while I whined like a little girlie bitch yesterday (and a couple of other times this last few weeks), I would not give up this frantic pace of being able to write instead of going back into the ‘real world’ and have to work 50-60 hours a week…

This morning I got up early, wrote a 2,400 word steampunk tale in 2 hours (love when the ideas flow), then went to lunch with Kim (Sonny’s pulled pork sandwich, first time I’ve ever not done the all you can eat…), came home, caught up on e-mails and wrote 500 words on Dying Days 2

Tomorrow Kim and Dylan (her son) leave until Sunday night and I have my youngest daughter, Katelynn, here with me…  just the two of us, eating pizza and junk, watching horror movies, sleeping in, playing stupid games and reading our Kindles on the couch… looking forward to Daddy Time and not much writing time tomorrow… but it’s so worth it.


8 thoughts on “5 Stories 5 Days 5 Submissions

  1. You’re a machine! I read the other posts. Launching this site and working on my publishing site and wheeling deals with zombie products to earn money for anthology has been enough. I haven’t touched my writing and I know better. I should be shot right between the eyes for letting it lay there.

    Enjoy the weekend! My son comes home from Asia (playing around after teaching job) in two weeks, so I am looking forward to some relaxing, grilled steaks, move and a lot of cold beer with him!


  2. 5 NEW submissions in 5 days??? How did you get and maintain those creative juices flowing for that accomplishment?! Congrats, really.

    Thanks for taking the time to visit and follow my blog, I appreciate the chance to read new blogs, make new friends and have a dialog.

    I wish you much success in your writing endeavors, it’s not easy when you’re a parent and husband, but made easier with a good support system. Keep it up my new friend 😀



    • Yes, meeting new people that are doing the things you’re doing is always rewarding… too often we’re anti-social and locked in our room with a story and feel like we’re the only ones doing this. To find others who like the same things you do and are also writers and readers in great.


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