Steampunk Bug

I’m staring at the Dying Days 2 document, trying to think of zombies and sex and killing, but my mind is elsewhere today… all I have in my head is steampunk ideas.

DD2 is due (my own self-imposed deadline) the last day of this month, so I can begin doing edits and get it out there for sale. My goal was nice and easy: 1,000 words per day for 25 days, with the 4 extra days as a cushion and to relax with other work while my three main readers rip it apart and let me know where I went wrong with it.

Unfortunately, I’ve been so immersed in steampunk the last couple of days that I haven’t written DD2 and I’m now techincally behind about 400 words, but if I don’t do some writing today on it, I’ll be 1,400 words behind…

On a positive note, I finished two steampunk short stories and submitted them to anthologies at the 11th hour, and have so many ideas for other stories that I’m bursting. I filled two index cards this morning with steampunk ideas, all set in the world of my Clockwork Katelynn and Mister Kruk characters. I’ve prety much outlined a YA steampunk horror novella in my head with these characters, and will most likely begin that while waiting for edits for DD2 in March… but knowing me I’ll probably begin playing with it and suddenly get six chapters in and forget everything else.

Oh, and today is Valentine’s day, so as soon as Kim gets home I’ll have to be nice and not hide in my office trying to write about zombies but writing about airships.

Wish me luck on all fronts.

2 Responses to “Steampunk Bug”

  1. You are so organized, and it obviously pays off, as you are cranking out the words. Good luck and Happy Valentine’s Day.


    • Chaotic organization… my desk is littered with about 500 index cards, a stack of reference books, various odd pictures, and random stuff piled on the printer… but I (think) I know where everything is… thanks!


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