Armand’s Steampunk Day

Today I’ve been feverishly working on several projects that I’ve stupidly taken on… because, let’s face it, this is what I do…

A publisher e-mailed late last night and asked ‘do you have a steampunk short story ready? My anthology closes tomorrow but I’m looking for one more great tale.’ My answer? Of course. I’ll have it to you before The Walking Dead comes on.

I’ve been writing the blasted thing all morning. And you know what? Probably some of my best work. Give me a six-month deadline and I’ll write the entire thing in the last two weeks. Give me six hours and a 5,000 word goal and I can do it.

Heck, right before New Years I did 29k in 5 days, and the editor loved it.

So, besides the huge list of things to do I posted about previously, I’ve added a few things… because, let’s face it, this is what I do…

Besides the short story due in roughly eight hours, there are two more steampunk anthologies I have my eye on. I also have a dozen different short story ideas featuring my two main characters, Katelynn and Kruk. Separate and together. I’ve been very careful with the sex, over the top violence and foul language with these tales as well. I’m finally trying to write something my kids can read before they’re thirty.

The Florida Steampunk Exhibition East is coming April 13th – 15th and I will be a guest there in some form, and I’m very excited. Of course, when Kim asked ‘If you can sell stuff, what will you sell?’

I replied ‘my steampunk books as well as the horror stuff. Why?’

Kim said ‘You don’t have any steampunk for sale.’

Negative. Of course I will by then! I’m almost done with a few things and they will be out to the readers/editors/life-savers this coming week, and then on sale online right after. By the time the convention rolls around I’ll be rolling in steampunk releases.

That’s the goal, anyway.

Maybe someday I’ll already be prepared and have a dozen novellas and novels to sell, and a ton of short stories as well…

But probably not. I need that three-day deadlne or it just isn’t worth it, I guess… because, let’s face it, this is what I do…


10 thoughts on “Armand’s Steampunk Day

  1. Hi Armand,
    My son does exactly the same thing. If he gets an extension for a paper, then he will still wait until the night before it is due to get started. But if those are the conditions that work for you, that’s great. I wish I could crank out 29 K in five days! Great post. Sounds like you have a lot cooking. Good luck with all your endeavors.


  2. Never tried my hand at steampunk…well, unless my shelved fantasy novel counts as steampunk that is 😛

    I feel ya on being over committed to the point where you feel you’ll be committed in another way. But then I’m the opposite of you in some ways – I don’t work well with a deadline. If I have one I wind up hammering out a bunch of crap just to get something done – although since this was usually in reference to school stuff that didn’t matter much as long as the crap was topical.

    I’ve found when it comes to more creative things though that I do better if I don’t sweat it and give myself plenty of time. I actually work faster.

    Still, kudos to you on blazing through a short story that fast. I envy your masochistic magnificence, as it where. Haha


    • Thanks. I finished a shorter 3,000 word steampunk tale yesterday and set my own deadline for ‘before The Walking Dead comes on’ … I need that deadline or it never works. I finished it quite early and then did another 1,200 words on a second companion piece to that one, gearing up to eventually get a novella or novel together with the two main characters.


  3. Cool, let us know when the stuff comes out. I have been reading how some of the really good writers of Zombie/undead genre have laced so much of their story with sex and violence it has become more erotica and not for young adults. Not that our society isn’t steered towards it in mainstream television. Often writers are filling the books with so much cliche, I find it boring to read. Good luck.


    • Good luck. Yes, my own zombie releases (I have about a dozen now) are labeled extreme because of the sex and violence. With the steampunk stories I wanted to write to a YA audience… my goal was to have something my 11 year old daughter (who reads constantly) could read.

      She read the story I finished yesterday (coincidentally, the main character is called Clockwork Katelynn and her name is… wait for it… Katelynn) and loved it, telling me to write more.

      My kids can’t read my zombie stories.


      • I was afraid to let my son read my first zombie manuscript since it was about a quazi lesbian, but he loved it, and told me to keep writing. It’s laced with humor. I have read your stuff and love it, really like Zombie Tea Party. The book you help put together with all the writers about writing Zombie is quite good too.


  4. Wow, thank you for the kind words about my work… it’s such a fine line between what the kids can and can’t read. The two oldest are 15 and 14 but could care less about reading, but the youngest (at 11) reads constantly and reads at a much higher level than her age… I wanted to write something she could actually read for once…


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