Overwhelmed With Projects

As an author and a publisher, I’m sometimes juggling several projects at once. Ideally (in bizarro fantasy world) I’d simply write a short/novella/novel, then move onto the next piece of the next release from Rymfire Books, in a nice, steady, easy flowing line… with releases evenly spaced, fans buying books, money pouring in, and the M&M’s and sweet tea flowing…

But in my real life – and, I’m sure, most authors or publishers – projects come up, work gets behind, and suddenly you have a bunch of things on your plate.

I like to make lists. I use index cards, and jot down everything that is currently open, where I am in the story (word count) and what the final end will be (final word count)… then I’ll number them in order of importance (which changes daily, depending on where I ended up from the day before)…

Today’s list:

1. Dying Days 2 zombie novella (currently 10,340 words/25k goal)

2. Read 25 more Undead Tales 2 submissions (225 of 342 read already)

3. “Clockwork Katelynn” steampunk short story (2,179 words/5k goal)

4. Chelsea Avenue horror novel rewrite (5 chapters done/25 chapter goal)

5. Edit 12 erotica short stories from Author K. Lee Thorne for Rymfire Erotica

6. Still Dying: Scenes From Dying Days novella (currently 8,900 words/25k goal)

7. State of Horror: New Jersey make final decisions on ToC (6 stories)

Oh, and there’s more, but those are the ones I’m choosing to move forward today… I put realistic goals before me (2,500-5,000 words TOTAL written on the stories for the day), and try to get the other publishing reading stuff done in-between.

I’m also thinking of an idea or ideas for some type of Giveaway for the loyal blog readers here, but haven’t figured it out yet.

I’ll put that on the index card tomorrow, unless 7 more pressing things come up.


6 thoughts on “Overwhelmed With Projects

  1. I have to make myself lists too. It helps me organize my thoughts and my days, and at the end of a crazy busy day, when I might be feeling like I got nothing done, I can look at all the things I crossed off my list. If I get something accomplished that wasn’t even on my list, I will write it down just for the pleasure of crossing it off! Thanks for stopping by Writing Between the Lines. I will look forward to your next post. Naomi


  2. I am following you and you’re doing a great job. When our plates are full we have to keep shoveling it in to keep up with the next portion, if we stop we might make it to dawn. Or at least I won’t.


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