February Goals

February is upon us, whatever that means…

I’m setting some writing and publishing goals for this month and will update it sporadically all month…

Nothing too fancy, not planning on writing War and Peace and Zombies (sure someone has already done it, anyway) but setting realistic goals…

1. Writing Dying Days 2 this month… I already finished about 5,000 words, so another 20k+ in this shortened month isn’t hard at all…

2. Writing the Dying Days screenplay… this one is tough, since I’ve never written a screenplay before and it’s not an easy thing, but I got a jump on it the last week or so and it should be completed well ahead of time…

3. Way behind on the Metal Queens Monthly #3 and need to finish that up, especially since it has some really cool bands and fans in it

4. In publishing: finish reading submissions and accepting stories for the State of Horror: New Jersey anthology and reading stories for the other States currently open for submissions… for further info on what I’m talking about, go to http://rymfirebooks.wordpress.com and hit the submissions link up top

5. Read through and accept stories for the Undead Tales 2 anthology… I’ve accepted a couple so far and they are awesome, so looking forward to reading the rest

That’s it, although I know I have some other things on the horizon like anthologies a couple of people have asked me to submit to, as well as other quick projects…

Hopefully by March 1st the above will be done and I can start a new list… yeah…


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